Digitakt OS 1.05

Most MIDI clocks drift a bit. Especially those from DAWs. No point in running a factory reset.
Plus, the drifting is a bit exaggerated when only looking at the numbers - you should not have any practical issues from it.


OH Yes!!! Midi loopback works brilliantly. Makes me feel I have a new machine!!!

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Ok, cool - just seems weird to think that it’s not as locked as it could be. The deviation from 126BPM is sometimes +/- 4BPM which I feel must affect it a bit… anyways, really happy to have some bug fixes thanks to the team!

Thank you Elektron :pray:t2:

I just tested and the PROGRAM CHANGE bug has not been fixed in this version :frowning:

Unfortunately not. We are looking into it though, and it needs just a bit more work.


somebody explored the new fx track on digitakt?

midi channel change. yes.

feels like a good one…

Thanks for confirming you are looking at it. I think it basically needs a direct mode like on your other boxes.


Sound pool is added… WOW! This is BIG!

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Is there a way to do a single track of audio over usb? I know multitrack will come with overbridge but it would be nice to just record over usb for now

No. Audio out only

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You are kidding right? Lol.

Wasn’t that always there? You mean being able to set a midi channel for controlling effects?

“The active page name is shown in the title bar when changing pages.”

What does this mean? I don’t see any pages names in the title bar??

i do have a feeling it’s meant to be a trick by using a midi channel from digitakt to have a different fx track.
this may introduce some more send and return options in the near future.

I haven’t seen this before.

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I think they mean trig parameter pages. Now they say “sample”, “sample waveform” and so forth. Can’t remember seeing it before.

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Can someone explain the sound pool. How is this different from parameter locking a new or different sample to a step? I have no sounds listed in the sound pool. How do I set it up? Confused.

Sounds are the sample + all the effect and trig locks. Your custom sculpted samples basically.

Oh okay thanks

Can’t use my Digitakt at the moment but was just looking at this in the manual, detailed info is on pages 23-25 and 34 in the new updated manual.

Looks like to add Sounds from the global Sound Library into your current project’s Sound Pool, you go to the sound browser, select the sound, hit RIGHT arrow, choose “Copy to…” then “Sound Pool”

EDIT: Also, a “Sound” is essentially all the settings on an audio track. The sample, LFO settings, AMP & Filter settings, etc.

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