Digitakt OS 1.05

Not at home to try this out does it sync with Octatrack in arranger mode? I really hope this was addressed because man what a let down if not

Most MIDI clocks drift a bit. Especially those from DAWs. No point in running a factory reset.
Plus, the drifting is a bit exaggerated when only looking at the numbers - you should not have any practical issues from it.


OH Yes!!! Midi loopback works brilliantly. Makes me feel I have a new machine!!!

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Ok, cool - just seems weird to think that it’s not as locked as it could be. The deviation from 126BPM is sometimes +/- 4BPM which I feel must affect it a bit… anyways, really happy to have some bug fixes thanks to the team!

Thank you Elektron :pray:t2:

I just tested and the PROGRAM CHANGE bug has not been fixed in this version :frowning:

Unfortunately not. We are looking into it though, and it needs just a bit more work.


somebody explored the new fx track on digitakt?

midi channel change. yes.

feels like a good one…

Thanks for confirming you are looking at it. I think it basically needs a direct mode like on your other boxes.


Sound pool is added… WOW! This is BIG!

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Is there a way to do a single track of audio over usb? I know multitrack will come with overbridge but it would be nice to just record over usb for now

No. Audio out only

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You are kidding right? Lol.

Wasn’t that always there? You mean being able to set a midi channel for controlling effects?

“The active page name is shown in the title bar when changing pages.”

What does this mean? I don’t see any pages names in the title bar??

i do have a feeling it’s meant to be a trick by using a midi channel from digitakt to have a different fx track.
this may introduce some more send and return options in the near future.

I haven’t seen this before.

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I think they mean trig parameter pages. Now they say “sample”, “sample waveform” and so forth. Can’t remember seeing it before.

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Can someone explain the sound pool. How is this different from parameter locking a new or different sample to a step? I have no sounds listed in the sound pool. How do I set it up? Confused.

Sounds are the sample + all the effect and trig locks. Your custom sculpted samples basically.

Oh okay thanks