Digitakt OS 1.05

For me it’s not fixed yet, it’s kinda better yep, but it now implements a whole new problem. As soon i put a trigless after a note, ok that it’s not changing the previous, finally, but now sequencer apply the locks of this prevous note on every next and are audible on the whole loop with only one trig lock, damn. Will make a video soon but i’m sure every one see what i mean.
It should reset at the next playing trig.
Cause now instead of having to copy trig to have proper transparent trigless (in note values) , we now have to paramlock the next trig next in order to reset the paramater on the whole loop.

Just got my Digitakt (first Elektron product) yesterday and I must say I am loving it!

Just wanted to note, as it confused me a bit that the manual has not been updated to say that you now require to press [FUNC] + [YES] to preview a sound in the Sound Browser & Manager. Sections 9.2 and 9.3.

Nice to have finally joined the Elektron community!

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Not only missing in the structure shema, but also not working for me since the soundpool sounds doesn’t refer to their proper samples, but to another randomly in my sample slots, so copying a sound to soundpool doesn’t load its sample at all and doesn’t refer to it even if the sound or right sample was load in the project before… did i miss someting

Damn! First i was very happy to find a new OS online but now i have to think about all these new little problems. Seems like the programming code of the Digitakt is a mess. Fixing one thing results in a new bug. I kind of feel bad for the technicians working on it, as this OS is clearly not what they tried to achieve. All the power to you!

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I’m with you on the display improvements.
Just the little things like changing the way the LEVEL is displayed has made a big difference to me.
On 1.04 I frequently grabbed the wrong encoder on the bottom row, seeing LEVEL as one of the main encoders at first glance. (probably just need more practice. Baby son = not much music time at the moment).
The change in icon has completely stopped me from doing this.
All the other extra bits of visual feedback are nice too.
Also really enjoying Soundlocks. Lots of fun.

Nice one Elektron!


hi Simon, for midi loopback what do you mean exactly by “disable all midi sends from internal controls”?

or anyone else that can chime in.

nice one.

Some useful changes but no song mode, personally very disappointed by this update.

After a pattern is selected, and before releasing any key, [RECORD], [PLAY] and [STOP] can be pressed to copy, clear or paste patterns without leaving the active pattern. It is possible to clear and paste multiple patterns at the same time.

This feature gone from 10.1 new manual, i was desiring for it to finaly work so much, snif.

Seems pretty clear song mode isn’t going to happen, but that a better form of pattern chaining should appear eventually.

It looks like this update was about ironing out bugs and making the sound engine more consistent rather than developing new features. I think that’s the right approach: if Elektron had added pattern chaining but not fixed people’s MIDI loopback crashes, I think more people would have had more complaints, with plenty of justification.

On the other hand, I’m a bit confused that they’ve put time into adding Sound Locks when it’s a feature relatively few people seem to have been asking for, against the feature requests which feel like they come up on here time and time again (pattern chaining, copy & paste to non-playing patterns, route inputs to effects etc). I can only assume those are way more time-consuming or somehow not feasible. It would be really nice to get definitive answers from Elektron on which features are definitely planned, hoped-for but uncertain, and definitely not happening.

I’m hoping that the time for new features will be when Overbridge and 1.10 drop: has there been any update on when this is expected, or is it still supposed to be February?


Yes, for some reason that change didn’t make it to the manual. I have changed it now so it will be corrected (together with some other stuff) in the next version of the manual. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


Concerning the FX TRACK CHANNEL parameter in the MIDI CHANNELS menu…
This parameter makes it possible to specify the MIDI channel that is used when you want to control the parameters on the FX pages. Before this was always done on the AUTO channel.
This parameter has a bit of an unfortunate name since FX track is something totally different when it comes to the A4 and AR. Expect this parameter to be renamed to something like FX CONTROL CH in the next OS update.


Awww drat… got excited for a bit there.
Would have been awesome to control the fx using a midi channel within the Digitakt, but also leaving the midi in free so it could be linked with a Digitone :confused:

I mean you could control it with a DN midi channel but would have been much nicer to have it self contained within a pattern for instant recall

The only solution there I guess is make the DT midi clock master, send sync to the DN via second midi out and use first midi out as a loop back.

Anyone know if the second midi port sends start/stop seq midi commands?

I got an answer from support regarding the overdrive volume drop issue. It’s indeed a bug and will be fixed soon.


Sweet… will save me the editing of 40 patterns :joy:

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Yeah it’s not that big of a deal actually, it’s easy to “fix” a pattern by using CONTROL ALL and increasing Overdrive on 0.01. And another update is coming soon anyway


Why does the 2nd step ALWAYS show either RED or YELLOW? Even switching to blank patterns, the 2nd button is always doing its own thing. IMG_7295.JPG

Looks like there’s a new 1.06

Indeed :slight_smile:

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