Digitakt or not?

I own a cycles and a samples. Should I go for additional Digitakt? Does it make sense? I wouldn’t use the miditracks…


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Nope. No samplingoption. The sampling is the main interesting thing on the digitakt for me.

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Digitakt is rad, sounds fat. You probably won’t use your m:s for much.

If you want more feedback you should give more info on what you hope to do with it or what is missing from what you already have

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I’d say it’s probably in ways an obvious step up to be able to sample directly into it over the M:S, but I don’t know if you plan to keep the M:S or swap it out. I had the DT for about a year and moved to the OT, and if I could have kept the DT I would have.

For ease of use and quick execution the DT was the best sampler I’ve had. But I don’t really know what features it has over the M:S but I’m guessing especially with the 2nd LFO and other features they have put into to updates it probably crushes the M:S. If you can afford to get it to try it second hand I’d say go for it. And if it doesn’t float your boat over the M:S just sell it. No harm no foul.

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I believe I’ll be using a Digitakt to replace the 1010 Blackbox in my live rig as soon as I get past my July shows. I’ll still be using the BB to acquire most samples but the DT will be much better for performance even though I’m losing 64 steps worth of actual pattern length and the granular capabilities. I don’t think I’ll mind the loss too much and I’m seriously looking forward to gettin down with Digitakt.

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Thanx for your reply. I think I’ll keep the cycles and sell m:s.Maybe. As i only use own sounds, it should be a good decision to go for digitakt.


I got the DT after my M:C and was surprised with how much it helped expand on what I could do with the Cycles, specifically because of the MIDI tracks. Each MIDI track has an LFO, so if you use the DT to control the M:C you can free up the M:C’s single LFO to act as, say, the attack stage for an envelope, and still have an LFO left from the DT MIDI track for modulating another parameter. You could also aim multiple LFOs from the various DT tracks at different parameters of a single M:C track and get a more complex sound. If I recall, the MIDI track LFO rates do not go super high, but you could always reserve your one onboard M:C LFO for any fast modulation you might need.

I imagine it will also be much more convenient to sample M:C sounds directly into the DT for further mangling than having to import them into the M:S. I like to make chord stabs with more complex textures by sampling several layered tracks from the M:C, playing simultaneously, into the DT.


Digitakt! … as long there is no OT MK2 successor.

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I traded up from a Model: Samples to a Digitakt. I’m very happy with it. But I have to say, I think that if you’re using a Digitakt with your Model: Cycles and a Digitakt, you should use the MIDI tracks. You’ll have a lot of fun giving yourself extra LFOs.

If I were you, I would take a beat to think about the things that you might miss on the Model: Samples because there are a few things that the Samples can do that the Digitakt can’t.

The Model: Samples has swing per track. If that’s important to you, you should know that the Digitakt only has swing per pattern. I would also say that using the arrows to adjust the microtiming is faster than using the knobs though.

The Model: Samples has velocity modulation. The Digitakt sadly does not.

The Model: Samples lets you use something like 512 (?) samples per project. The Digitakt only lets you use 127. They have the same limit on sample time but for me at least, I’ve never had an issue with sample time in a project on either machine. But I have ran up against the sample limit. On the other hand, if you’re doing a lot of sample locking, it’s way more straightforward on the Digitakt. There’s no sample lock folder to worry about and you can lock each and every sample in your project if you feel like it.

But yeah, again, I’m very happy having made the switch. I do kind of kick myself for letting my Model: Cycles go though. I sold that one to get a Digitone and as much as I like my Digitone, that’s not really a straight swap. But I think everyone kind of knows that now with the Syntakt having all the Cycles machines.


Crazy that this is still the case! DT (and DN) would hugely benefit from swing per track. It’s strange their little brother has it but they do not.


You can do granular like things with digitakt. Not the “same” but it’s a cool trick. Look at some youtube videos about some tricks if you haven’t!



Yeah, the Digitakt can get pretty fun with the granular type stuff. Especially when you do the MIDI loopback thing to modulate the start point from the MIDI track:

(shameless self-promotion)


Thank you!!

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I bought a Digitakt when they were first released, however I have so much gear and so little time it just sat on shelf unused, when Digitone was released I bought that too and it also joined Digitakt on the shelf.

I bought Syntakt as soon as it was released and thought I better start learning these things inside out.

Syntakt and Digitone are great but for some reason it’s Digitakt I’m loving most and using the most, he’s managed to kick my Polyend tracker and S2400 to the side, it’s a great little machine once you start getting a feel for it.
At the moment I have a little shortwave radio hooked up to the DT for random creative sample fodder and between that and the samples it shipped with I can basically do anything.


I have a MPC ONE that is much more then the digitakt but i love my digitakt more! MPC ONE is great and super powerful but the work flow is what I don’t enjoy, but it’s probably just me being lazy haha. I do have it hooked up to my digitone, syntakt, digitakt for when i wanna sample a sample and play with enjoyment from digitakt lol.


You got me with that Shortwaveradio! This is what I would like to do with Digitakt!

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Thanx to all for your replies and tips!

Tecsun R-9012