Digitakt +Novation launch control mini light pad indicator off

Hi All,
Anyone has experience with connecting Novation launch control mini with DT?

For some reason the lights on the pads do not light on when track is on.

I have set the pads to control track mutes but there is no indication while pressing them if the track is on or mute.

Many thanks for your thoughts

i think those lights only work with the factory presets (+ connected to a supported daw; e.g. Ableton).

i’m currently using mine with bitwig with a controller script to get the same functionality as Live with it.

I am using the controller directly to the DT via kenton box , can i still write a script that will tel the lights to indicate

i’m not sure where you’d run the script is the problem.

the launch control works without a daw, but i think it really shines when you use it with a supported daw to get the most use out of it. i’m using the custom script below with bitwig (thankfully, the developer is still maintaining it too):

Thanks, will check it out

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I just used the CafeCrema LaunchControlXL templates (scroll to “Free Download” on this page https://cremacaffe.shop/products/launch-control-xl-accessories ) and they seem to work fine.