Digitakt + Multichannel Interface

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is it possible to use the Digitakt 8 Channel Funktion via overbridge alsongside a external interface like scarlett 18i20 ?

I’m currently trying to set up 8 track channels for the digitakt in logic pro x but it seems not possible to have my scarlett 2i2 recording another analog synth simultaneously… it seems you have to decide to either work on your 8 digitakt channels or any other analog gear running through a interface … please tell me you can run all at the same time…

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I just figured this out the other day with my A4 and 18i20. You should be able to create an Aggregate Device in the Audio MIDI Setup with both inputs, then choose that custom device as your audio in source in Logic.

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You need Overbridge to do that.
Primary interface is your audio interface
DT channels are recorded via Overbridge.

Check the OB manual for setup instructions.


i also use aggregated device for that with 18i20.
Bitiwig and Live can be fussy occassionally but NI Reaktor is very stable when routing channels. No OB either.

You don’t need to create an aggregate device. Overbridge will handle all audio from your Elektron device. In preferences, select your audio interface (not Elektron device). Now, when you drop overbridge vst or au on an empty track, it’ll take care of your Elektron device.

Oh, hm. I’m using Live (might be the difference here) and that was the only way I could figure out to get individual audio channels for my A4 tracks along with the rest of the interface inputs – perhaps I misunderstood the question or how to do that using the VST. To be frank, I didn’t end up liking it much once I got it going and stopped messing around with it. :slight_smile:

I’m using Live also. After you drop the vst on a track, you’ll then create 8 audio channels(One for each channel). Then under I/O( beneath the faders) on each track select audio from Digitakt vst and choose 1-8 for each. I’m not directly in front of my computer right now but I do believe these are the steps.

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D’oh, easy enough! Glad you swooped in with the correction! Thanks, I’ll give that a go myself later on and see if I get better results.

I see now that you’re using A4. Steps should be similar though

I just made this setup working this morning : Digitakt 8 channel + Scarlett 8i6 6 input in Studio One 4.
As said earlier, use the scarlett as DAW interface. Drop the OB vst plugin in an instrument track. If your DAW support multichanne output, you can add the 8 tracks to your mix.
Then, it depend to your DAW, in SO4, I created 8 audio track that take theses 8 channel as input source.
Now I can record my DT as separate output + input of my soundcard.