Digitakt Monosynth Tutorial


I just saw this on Youtube.

It’s a pretty cool Idea :slight_smile:


Yeah saw this too. I knew it could be done, but couldn’t be bothered to set it up because I expected the results to be uninspiring. I couldn’t have been more wrong.


cuckoo looks different : /


no denying the usefulness of this, but for context it’s a long established method in Elektron land … e.g. the OT (amongst other older units) can be used this way - all the boxes will have little aspects that make it interesting with their own respective features or limitations


pretty old stuff that


Perhaps it’s not the biggest revelation in the world ever but it’s a really nicely put together video that I’m sure will be really useful to some people especially if they’re new to the world of DT. I’d actually go further and suggest that it’s a nice and timely reminder for most folks irrespective of how au fait they are with the ideas and techniques. I certainly had my memory jogged on a few things and was somewhat bashful that I’d never paid much attention to the single-cycle stuff from the factory content. Which is something I’ll definitely rectify…