Digitakt Minilogue setup


Hey guys, I’m wondering if anybody has worked with this duo extensively. I’m trying to think up a workflow between the two, I think I finally figured out what to do (midi wise), but pattern chaining through the minilogue from the digitakt is a bit tedious (for a live setup especially). I’d like to see if there’s a way to bypass the minilogue’s sequencer entirely and to launch different init patches from the digitakt.

If anybody has any tips or input I’d appreciate it, thanks!


MIdi track, enable program change setting on DT. Set up Minilogue and Digitakt to receive/send on the same midi channel. Both units also have a preference for sending and receiving prg change that have to be set correctly.

Just got my Minilogue XD and just did what you want.


Yes, they work great together.
Here’s a video where I control the minilogue with the digitakt.
The sound banks from the Minilogue can also be changed from the Digitakt.


When I’ve tried it I’ve had the minilogue not changing patch fast enough. Also, is there a way to send clock but not transport to the minilogue?


Both Minilogue XD and Monologue can filter incoming transport events, the original Minilogue not.


I have tested with the Minilogue v1.

Issues were:

Presets do not change fast enough to be used as Trig Conditions
Unable to disable Transport
Unable to trig patter per note

Apparently, these issues have been fixed on the XD, but I cannot confirm yet.

I do not have these issues with the Monologue, however.