Digitakt MIDI controller?

I found this on Sweetwater, seems to be completely customizable (even, unusually, the transport buttons.)


In the same vein is the Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 and the Arturia Keylab Essentials controller.

Does this Roland seem like the perfect controller for the Digitakt to you? Cause it does to me!

Well, the price is quite high!! Before you buy, make sure that you’re able to assign each pad and slider to its own MIDI channel, otherwise it’s a bust as a controller for DT.

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After some light research I wasn’t able to find if it could be custom assigned and used standalone without the PC so if you need that functionality if research that a bit more.

Weight Wise it is a bit hefty for a midi controller. 6lbs for just a midi controller seems a bit much to be portable. Not the worst thing as my Maschine is about that weight, but still something to consider.

It’s not traditional keys, but I’ve been using my QuNexus to control my Elektron boxes. Being able to hop into the QuNexus Editor and tweak things to match what I’m doing on the Elektrons has been really handy. Just another option in the sea of options :smiley:

i had an a-800 pro a few years ago.
i think it was editable on the device itself, but the menus felt like straight out of the 80s, no fun to edit this thing at all.
overall not a great feeling controller.
the keybed was ok. but aftertouch was unusable, since it required way too much pressure(which was the reason why i sold it).
i would recommend looking into the novation sl line, while not perfect they feel quite a bit better.

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I had the edirol PCR 500, which the Roland A line is based off of. It was a nightmare to program. I remember at one point, I had to flip the device over, use a screwdriver to scratch and puncture a sticker which covered a small dip switch on the back, and flip that switch. I’ve never had to do anything like that with a midi controller before or since. other than being incredibly confusing, that controller lasted me a decade, so I can’t say too many bad things about it. The resolution of the encoder seemed sloppy, but the key bed was okay, so I give it a 5 out of 7 with rice.