Digitakt Midi clock overbridge issue

I am using my Digitakt with Overbridge in Cubase the clock is rock solid. The problem comes when i want to send a midiclock from my digitakt to another piece of hardware the clock is then a bit faster than my daw and the digitakt. Does anybody know what might be the issue?

Why do you think that the clock is faster?

How are you synchronising the DT and the other hardware?

Because i send a midiclock from the digitakt into the beastep pro and use the beatstep pro run a vst instrument the midi notes recorded are in front of the position they should be. The same happens when i use the digitakt to sequence via usb a vst. I synchronize via midi out. When i use the digitakt in standalone it syncs with other gear. Just when i use in overbridge for some reason not.

I have the same issue here - I don’t think the clock is faster but the midi tracks are out of sync with the Digitakt and the DAW it is connected to.
Is this a new feature of Overbridge?

Same for me, I’ve also opened a new thread for this exact problem. Overbridge is cool but sometimes it makes things more complicated than they should

Same issue here with the Digitakt. It seems to push recorded input ahead by ~30ms or so, which can make a huge difference with drums. I’ve gotten used to pushing audio around, but it’s really annoying that it’s early (doesn’t even really make sense as it’s obviously not due to latency, like a delay would be). I’ve found this is true in Ableton Live, Bitwig, and FL Studio.

This is just a speculation - I didn’t have the time to do any experiments on this yet:
Maybe the Overbridge-VST has and reports some latency to the DAW host, in order to be able to process the Digitakt early enough to compensate for busy USB connections etc. etc.

(In general, if a plugin reports a latency to the host, this adds up to the basic Audio buffer latency. The host delays all other “non-latent” plugin processing, but processes the latent plugins earlier in time.)

So the Digitakt is processed ahead of the musical DAW time, and the VST-Oberbridge-Plugin takes care that the returned Digitakt signals are delayed if neccessary, so the Digitakt plays perferctly in time with the musical DAW time.

BUT: since the Digitakt is processed earlier, it will send out a MIDI clock earlier.

If my assumption about latency is correct, this means that you cannot use Overbridge and external “traditional” MIDI sync simultaniously. You would need to clock the BeatStep/KeyStep or whatever directly from a DAW controlled port.

Yes I think this is the reason. Probably one way around is to use Overbridge just as an audio interface and use traditional midi clock to sync everything. Someone has tried this setup? can you still use the VST plugin and the automations?