Digitakt Midi clock overbridge issue

I am using my Digitakt with Overbridge in Cubase the clock is rock solid. The problem comes when i want to send a midiclock from my digitakt to another piece of hardware the clock is then a bit faster than my daw and the digitakt. Does anybody know what might be the issue?

Why do you think that the clock is faster?

How are you synchronising the DT and the other hardware?

Because i send a midiclock from the digitakt into the beastep pro and use the beatstep pro run a vst instrument the midi notes recorded are in front of the position they should be. The same happens when i use the digitakt to sequence via usb a vst. I synchronize via midi out. When i use the digitakt in standalone it syncs with other gear. Just when i use in overbridge for some reason not.

I have the same issue here - I don’t think the clock is faster but the midi tracks are out of sync with the Digitakt and the DAW it is connected to.
Is this a new feature of Overbridge?

Same for me, I’ve also opened a new thread for this exact problem. Overbridge is cool but sometimes it makes things more complicated than they should