Digitakt main volume encoder wobbly

Probably the best way to go, especially if it under warranty
Meh, not what you’d hope for when buying stuff off people.
Good luck🤞

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I stand corrected! Hex 2 on panel, T8 Torx on PCB. :slight_smile:

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Elektron machines can be serviced, this is good news. I would use it until the potentiometer stopped working or until you cannot stand the situation. The option of sending it to Elektron for being serviced is always available, so I would relax and start enjoying the instrument!

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just want to say a quick thanks to all who have replied!

I ran out of replies yesterday cos I’m still a noob!

Yeah, I decided to go the warranty route…Elektron were pretty quick to respond and they were happy to do it (with postage costs) or I can go to the retailer and have it done totally free…so I chose the free option!

bit of a hassle but can’t really complain if it’s free/nada…so glad it’s still within warranty