Digitakt main volume encoder wobbly

hey guys

I bought a 2nd hand digitakt and the first thing I notice is that the main volume encoder can move from side to side quite easily. The original owner is convinced it wasn’t like that before he sent it but it was so well packed with bubble wrap it can’t possibly have happened whilst in the post!

anyway…it is only just within warranty so I’ve emailed both the shop and elektron to see what could be done

just wanted to ask on here to see if anyone has any ideas that don’t involve sending it back for repairs! I’ve seen a youtube vid that goes through replacing an octatrack encoder but that MAY be different to a digitakt main volume encoder (which actually looks different than all the others on the unit)…and I also have no solder experience so would have to find someone to help me

or could it just be a case of needing the encoder tightened

If I send it back that’s gonna cost me…it’ll cost to source the right encoder, then find someone to attach but maybe less than sending it back?

any ideas folks?

My AR MK2 also has wobbly Volume and Quick Perf knobs. I learnt to live with it like that, it doesn’t affect the sound so it isn’t worth sending it back, spending time and monies on packaging etc.

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The encoders aren’t mounted to the faceplate at all so I don’t think there’s anything to tighten. It’s unlikely that the pot is loose on the board (and still working).

Ignore homebrew solutions for ‘fixing’ encoders it’s a waste of time money and energy. If you don’t want to send back to Elektron you could have a friend or local place do it - the encoder itself will cost a few currency-credits and the labour the cost of a pizza.

My first OT had a wobbly volume pot. I needed to return it for other reasons but the replacement is better.

To be honest I never touch the volume knobs on my Elektron boxes - they have no use to me - I’d say it depends on how much you care - if it works then there’s nothing actually wrong with it being wobbly, functionally speaking.

(All this said without knowing exactly how wobbly it is)

yes it still works…so I *could ignore it

in the octatrack repair vid (and mentioned in a few other forums) it mentions 4 clips that hold the encoder on to the main board…they may become loose over time?

first digitakt so I have no idea…bit annoyed the seller never mentioned it but oh well

Ah, I’m pretty sure those are the clips that hold the pot itself together - rather than to the board (it’s just soldered to the board, no clips required).

You can sort of see in this photo the four clips, 2 either side (ignore the 3 at the bottom)


These aren’t something that I think can become ‘loose’ or need correcting, but it can’t do any harm to check.

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ah right thanks for clarifying!

You’d be able to see if this is the issue without removing the faceplate - just pop the knob off and give it a wobble

If you see the metal collar moving then something like that is at play - if only the plastic shaft is moving then it’s regular 'ol pot wobble.

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yeah it’s def the metal collar moving as well…mustve taken a knock…or is that general use over time?..(if that encoder was used a lot)

labour the cost of a pizza lol
What topping do you have, gold leaf!
£70+. That’s was several years ago now. Bench time for electronics isn’t cheap.
If the pot still works…
I’d be in to it, I like soldering. It’s not an easy job to start off with tho

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I’m gonna at least open it up and just hope somethings come loose or needs…something

the pot works

are they hex screws on the front? anyone know what size?

I also have wobbly knobs on a Rytm mk 2, and although I don’t have any electronics repair experience, I opened the unit up yesterday just to take a look at the situation.

I agree with the other posts in this thread. There’s nothing to “tighten” unfortunately.

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ah shoot…well, at least it works

T8 Torx.

Also, to get at that pot, you would remove all knobs from the top, unscrew the T8 screws, lift the front panel off carefully then remove the two ribbon cables from the main PCB. The just pull right off. There is a board that is mounted to the top faceplate. It has the LCD screen and the pot shafts in it. You would likely need to remove that board from the faceplate to see the shafts properly though you might be able to check the soldering from the underside as well.

the front screws are hex no? I just tried an allen key and its good to turn

yup ok…hex on front torx on inside!

It’s just swapping a pot, costs less than that to have Elektron do it :slight_smile: But no doubt the cost of these things varies wildly depending on where you go etc.

Yea I’d say, I’d want to visually inspect it - if the whole thing is moving there could be board damage.

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yeah ok…on inspection there is nothing for me to ‘adjust’ or ‘tighten’…the base of the encoder is on there nicely, its just the plastic shaft and the small metal collar that are shifting

I’m going to ignore it as much as I can but it will play on the back of my mind

I noticed the Master volume controller is different from the others…master being fixed and the others being endless encoders? is that right?

I spotted this on Reverb:

if I wanted to sort it I guess it would be a whole replacement…would this do the job for the master volume one only?

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It’ll probably be a potentiometer not an encoder. Because it still works it would a easier job to replace just the top of the pot. No de/soldering needed. There will be 2 tabs either side of the body which just need bending up to remove the top n shaft. You’d need to find who the pots are manufactured by. I’d leave if you’re not confident tho


I’m totally not confident if I’m honest…I’ll settle on ignoring it for now but it’s gonna eat me up inside if it can be a simple job…I think I’m just within warranty (albeit a 2nd hand owner, I have the original invoice) but it’s just a matter of sending it away and on the phone he wouldn’t be able to tell me how much it would cost me until it’s been examined by them…true enough but that’s at least the cost of postage and some more

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