Digitakt house video jam


Little video jam i put together today. Excuse the fumbling fingers


I love the vibe you have going here. Nice work with the odd percussion rolls/glitches here and there, all done tastefully, I should add.


really nice!


Thanks man, i appreciate the feedback. These elektron sequencers are so cool, could have kept adding stuff. Would have been more tasteful with more practice and less self-imposed impairment haha


Is this your first Elektron?!

Edit: I think that was lovely! I couldn’t imagine any positive changes to the track. It reminds me of early Apparat at the end- which is my favorite Apparat <3


Thanks ryan. That’s a high compliment! I love apparat!

I have had and sold the a4, ar, ak and octatrack. And while i was waiting for the digitakt i bought another a4. I want to try to just use these 2 boxes for most everything. Love them. Still want the rytm but thinking more and more that i can’t get rid of the digitakt. It’s too great. And apart from the money i don’t want more to connect other than a keyboard to play rhodes, piano on.


Didn’t mean to come off as though I was underestimating your Elektronness, I just read an element of discovery in your last comment and I got really excited over the notion of another convert :slight_smile:

Yeah, Apparat is great! Which release of his is your favorite?


Actually i am reconverted. I had fallen out becaus i was trying to make the octatrack do everything and then comparing it to ableton. But my headspace at the moment is performing snippets and enjoy them and shoot and record them. More Than another song i labor on and really don’t do much with.

And i’m by no means fluent with elektrons. Just plowing ahead and enjoying them.

My favorite albums are walls and probably silizium. But i like everything i have heard.


I haven’t yet given Silizium a chance, so I’m putting that on the top of my list- though I love, love, love his first three releases- my favorite track of his is definitely Arcadia.

Keep making and sharing good music, sir! And welcome back to Elektron :slight_smile:


really dig the soft touch of the pads… those grainy swathes, and the rhodes (?) - nice, understated vibe throughout. bonus twitch 'n rustling (perc.), too


ultimate intro :slight_smile:

loving the sound.


Happy accidents :grin:


Great work! It’s got a really soulful sound to it which I dig. Nice groove too. I am using the Digitakt along with A4 too and it’s really fun to put stuff together.
Have you used samples from elsewhere or factory sounds? Just curious :slight_smile:


Thanks! I brought in everything. I was on a waiting list for a while so i had time to go through my drum samples and get rid of anything i didn’t love as well as label everything. And then i use the iphone/ipad to put together loops sometimes aince finding time to power up studio etc is not easy to find these days. This time it was with korg gadget, which i love. Any type of synth /instrument can be found there and most sound great. In this case i made 3 loops of 4 bars for ep, bass, and two pads and exported them out to the digitakt.