Digitakt Global Settings button stopped working

Hey everybody,

In the middle of a recent gig during set break, I was going to load up my set 2 project and I got no response from my settings button. I turned it off and on again, still nothing. I went and did a quick troubleshoot with the “early restart” boot up and did a test for the button response. Every button got a response on the screen except for the settings button. I am really not sure what caused this, as I have taken extremely good care of my Digitakt. Any help or possible solutions would be appreciated, but it seems like a hardware issue. Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum!

If this is a recent purchase, contact the seller for repair or replacement.

In any case, I suggest you make a support ticket on Elektron’s website to ask for their advice.

Hope you get it fixed quickly!

Hey Jake,

I’m facing a similar issue with multiple buttons that suddenly stopped working as well, did you get any chance to fix your issue?