Digitakt froze wont switch on again

My digitakt since last overbridge update switched off by itself a few times randomly and restarted… I used it for 20 min today and it switched off then froze on startup screen now it does not switch on…
has not had any problems until last overbridge update and I always use overbridge.
has this happened to anyone?
I truly believe it was because of overbridge but could it be something else?

I just switched off my computer and the digitakt was able to restart…
I believe this is because of overbridge…

Whenever I’ve had lockups on the DT it’s nearly always been because of a MIDI loop. Not saying your wasn’t because of Overbridge but I’d check your MIDI settings to make sure it’s only going where you need it.

The not being able to reboot quickly thing seems to be a quirk of the DT- when rebooting I often have to leave it a bit, my other Elektrons don’t seem to have that issue.

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Thank you, I will double check everything to make sure definitely not because of midi loop causing it… i had it lock once before because of midi loop but this time it is just randomly switching off and restarting the last time it froze restarting

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