Digitakt factory content missing?

Same here, received my brand new Digitakt today, and all factory content missing, and has to go back to retailer as faulty unit.
The response from support states this is a manufacturing fault, cannot be fixed with an update with sounds, has to be reflashed in factory. So another week will go by before I hopefully get a proper complete unit.

You got rid of your new sampler because it didn’t come loaded with someone else’s samples and patterns? Or did I read this all wrong?

If it makes you feel any better @goony, It’s OK with me if you’d like to use the factory samples…
The way I see it, what a grown man or woman wants to do with their sampler is their own darn business, as long as their not harming anybody with it… :joy:

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Couldn’t sample packs/patterns be imported? I just have zero patience I guess so there’s no way I’d get rid of it

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I don’t know, he said he was told it “must” be flashed at the factory…
Don’t mind me, I’m just a peacekeeping goofball…

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Naw I mean , I own an OT so forgive me if im wrong, I’ve bought sample packs before. From elektron. They’ve all come with samples, sample chains and preset patterns. Load them into OT, good to go. Couldn’t they have sent one for free or just buy one etc

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There is instructions in the manual on reseting the +drive and restoring the factory content, not sure you really need to send it back/return it.

there were some angry dudes in this forum bashing over the fact that they can not erase the factory samples in their Digitakt. Maybe you guys can just change your Digitakt with them, so both parties could be happy? Just a thought.


Support confirm its a reflash on ROM needed, cannot be done by a simple update.
@jefones Resetting the drive does not bring something back thats actually not in the units ROM memory.
@PTSowns Maybe you are happy with using an incomplete unit, but for me, I paid for a brand new unit which includes any content wether its useful or not, but thats for me to judge

For me its a learning thing how to construct my own sounds from samples, and using the factory content as a learning step for that purpose, in seeing how a certain sample is made into a certain sound, is a teaching tool for me.

Elektron Support
March 23, 2018 05:33:18 PM

I am deeply sorry about this. Unfortunately, there is no way to add this content after manufacturing. During the process, the memory of the unit is flashed with this content, and if an error occurs (which in this case it has), the only option is to re-do the flashing process.


Just picked up a digitakt yesterday. Missing factory samples. Did a factory reset. Example: When I go to Settings>Samples>Factory>Drums>Accoustic>Ambient Kit>then a blank list. The end of every directory after factory leads to a blank page.

I’ve opened a ticket but am I right to assume this is another unit shipped without factory content?

Sounds like it, Elektron support will tell you it needs to go back to retailer. I returned mine last week, got my replacement yesterday & all good att last :slight_smile:


Here to confirm - this happened to my friend. Empty folders in Settings->Samples.

Got over it pretty quick once we started sampling into it, but damn, pretty big disappointment to spend so much money on something new and have to deal w/ repair right out the box. I find it hard to believe this isn’t checked before the unit goes out - all you have to do is hit play and realise there’s no sound. Maybe something gets shaken loose during shipping and that’s why so many are having this issue?

Nothing shaken lose, its simply a factory error in not flashing the memory correctly.


December 2018 and still some units with missing factory content. I’ve got mine yesterday and was soooo disappointed when I figured out there was no sounds available. I loaded a few sounds and the machine looks wonderful but damnnnn is this frustrating.

(sorry for the bump)

Hi everyone,

when I look at my +Drive, either by hitting FUNC and PATTERN MENU and Manage Sounds, or by pressing down the Level/Data knob, all I get is Bank A with 64 sounds in it, starting from A:001 SNARE JAY and ending with A:064 NOTALONE. (All other banks are empty.)

But if I change a sample in a track via the SAMP button on the SRC page and click YES on an empty slot, I can access the options Drums Synths Toolbox, where there are many more sounds/samples, including the advertised 23 drum kits.

So why don’t all these sounds appear on my +Drive, if the +Drive is meant to contain all the sounds/samples on the Digitakt?

(Or have I misunderstood what the +Drive is? I have read the manual on this, btw.)

Thanks for any help you can give.

Sounds are samples saved with certain parameters - for example filter, amp, lfo, playback settings etc.
The +Drive contains all of your samples, up to 1GB of mono files.
If you load up a sample and do some crazy things to it with tuning, filter, lfo and you want to save that state, you can save it as a Sound. The original sample will be unchanged and the parameters are like metadata. It’s basically saving a patch. You have 8 banks of 64 Sounds at your disposal (well, 1 is factory sounds).
The terminology is confusing but try not to mix up samples and Sounds. :slight_smile:

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You can have more than 64 sounds per bank, I believe its more than 2000 in total.

Hi, Jimmo, and thanks for the answer. Now I get the difference between samples and Sounds.

So is that what everyone gets when they look at their +Drive for the first time? 64 sounds on Bank A and all other banks empty? Because I didn’t save those sounds to the +Drive.

And is the only way to access the Factory content therefore via SRC / SAMP / click on empty slot?

I’ve just got the Overbridge Beta up and running and can’t identify where the Factory content is to be found via Overbridge either. And when I tried the equivalent of SRC / SAMP / click on empty slot in the Digitakt Standalone, my existing sample was merely replaced by a blank sample, i.e. no sample. There seemed to be no way to access the 23 built-in drum kits, for example.

Any ideas?

Thanks again.

When you look in the +drive you will see sample folders with sub groups, the 64 sounds in bank A are factory sounds to get you going, the main purpose of the banks is for adding your own. You can also load 128 sounds to each project sound pool, they are independant from the sample ram and can be used on any track.
Accessing sounds is done through a selected audio track, hold func+sound browser encoder to open. Holding func+src followed by func+yes will access the +drive sample list through a selected audio track but changing a sample here will swap out the current slot so care needs to be taken with other patterns in the project. The gear icon will access the +drive where you can bulk load samples to your project ram, they will fill any empty slots available or up to the 64mb limit.

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Excellent! Solved it. Thanks.