Digitakt effects not recordable to single Audio Tracks on Ableton Live?

Heyho Elektronauts!
Might be a stupid question but I haven’t figured out yet how to record single tracks from my Digitakt WITH the effects put on the single tracks on my Digitakt TO single tracks on Ableton WITH the effects. Formulated a little bit complicatedly, but in short: I can record single tracks from my Digitakt to single Audio Tracks on Ableton Live. However, when I record them on single Audio Tracks on Ableton, the effects are gone, so ending up with the raw sample sound. Is it my technological clumsiness or is it just not possible? Because recording on the master channel WITH effects works fine…
Your help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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The DT has send FX on its master bus so it’s not possible to record them on a per track basis. I think if you un-route every track from the master bus then the master becomes purely a wet FX track (someone please confirm, might be thinking of the rytm!)

Yes I believe this to be true. Disable each track from passing through 1+2, and all that will be left is the wet effects.

How do you do this?

  1. On the Digitakt go to Settings > Audio Routing > [Highlight] Route to Main.
  2. Now look at triggers 1-8 on the Digitakt, they are green. Press each one so they become red.
  3. Now in your DAW, set up incoming channels 1+2 on their own track. These will be your wet effects.

The rest of the incoming audio channels can be set up as so:

1+2 [Stereo] = wet effects from within Digitakt
3 = Trigger 1
4 = Trigger 2
5 = Trigger 3
6 = Trigger 4
7 = Trigger 5
8 = Trigger 6
9 = Trigger 7
10 = Trigger 8
11 = Input L
12 = Input R


[Pattern Menu} > Audio Routing > Disable USE Global Setting > Route to Main also works.

This is a lifesaver! Thank you. Tested and working and me very much excite!

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Thanks so much for your help guys! Gonna try it this evening :slight_smile: