Digitakt / Digitone - MIDI advanced - w/ Touchdesigner

hello fellow elektronauts

since i am trapped like so many of you for the foreseable future i thought i will share a little MIDI tool i have made for the digitakt/digtone with you. (if the midi mapping of the digitone keys is identical, you can use it too)

the long story short… about 18 month ago i bought a digitakt and set on a course to build an audiovisual workstation. i figured the way to go is hooking up the digitakt with a software called touchdesigner and use the digitakt as a “jam-able” midi timeline, that makes sound as well.
(fyi. My professional background is 3D and Animation, not Audio )
The digitakt turned out to be a very good choice for a controller. i bought a digitone a couple month later and now everything is hooked up and ready for a little showcasing.
i decided to call this project - shiptrap.

The idea behind this setup is that everything gets wired into the PC and i use Touchdesinger to rewire, link, analyze and trigger… a lot of things.

Here is how i have everything wired up:

Have a look at this video(20 minutes) to get an idea of what i can do with this setup:

0:29 - Hardware setup
0:52 - Overview MIDI Mappings
3:46 - Linking DT parameters to DT parameters
6:20 - Linking DT parameters to DN parameters and back
8:50 - LFOs and Tables
13:41 - Parameter recording
19:35 - Externals

free download at bandcamp

for the mapping files you have to download the release.
there is a bonus item txt file with a download link

all the best
s t

pc config used:
asus x399-a / threadripper 1920x(noOC) / 32GB ddr4 3200mhz (b-die) / gtx 1070ti win10 home / overbridge engine / ableton live / touchdesigner


nice! I just wanted to look into touchdesigner and see if I can use it with the digitakt

if you have any troubles with the setup.
join the discord server… the invitation link comes with the package

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Here is a little example, where i hooked it up with
nvidia flow.

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very cool. what GPU are you running this with?
i ran into some incomprehensible issues running nvidia flow the other day.

I am running this on a gtx 1070 ti. TD limits the render output to 1280x720 in the free version.
at this resoltion my gpu is maximum @ 40% load constantly givin me 60fps.
even when i have the overbridge VST plugins running at the same time and record all tracks of DN/DT in ableton.

in my xperience nvidia flow runs ok, what where your issues?
derivate improved this operator a lot recently.
.you can specify custom SOPs now for emmiters f.e.

Got it working here! Fantastic work thank you.

I’m now working out how I can use it best.
Maybe make some variables to easy access the data anywhere in a patch.
This is so much more advanced than my patch I used to perform with TD and the Digi devices.

Would love to see how you made the Nvidia flow patch.

you can call the out-nulls from the mappings, anywhere in the your patch, with a select chop.
here´s the flow tox; nothing special though.
flow.tox (4.3 KB)

Thanks for flow tox.

In the midi src page, do the bank and breath control just need to activated?

No, i have not mapped these, yet.
but you can easily add it in the midi device mapper(alt+d) .
in the dm goto the devices tab and select the device you want the bc to add.
now add a channel, and wiggle the bc controller. you should see the messages received
by touch flash in the window below. now you have to enter the midi messages, in the
same manner as i did before.
when this is done you can access the BC controller.
hope that helps.

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