Digitakt/Digitone “Control all” software bug

I recently upgraded to OS 1.40A on my Digitakt and Digitone. After the upgrade, I lost the ability to do what the Digitakt manual calls, “Control All,” found in section 6.2.2.

This feature allows you to hold [TRK] down and move a parameter in all the audio tracks. This feature still works. What I can’t do is push [NO] while still holding [TRK] down and have it revert the parameter changes. This is a big loss for me as I use this feature heavily in my performances.

I emailed Elektron and promptly got a reply that said this is known bug and will hopefully be fixed in the next upgrade which is being beta tested. While I’m glad it’s being fixed, this is still a huge bummer since I use that feature a lot.

Have others experienced this issue and been equally impacted? I’m curious as I don’t know how frequent others perform using this feature.

PS - still love Elektron, just not bugs

I think this was mentioned on this thread too - hopefully will be fixed soon


Wrong topic and location. Discuss bugs in the linked topic