Digitakt completely freezes when connected to overbridge


Hello, i have a serious problem, maybe you could help me : when i turn on my digitakt and open up the overbridge app, it freezes my digitakt untill i restart it, and so on. i tried unistall, reinstall etc etc all beta version (OS and overbridge) are the latest. i’m on mac sierra 10.12.5 the machine freezes and do not response. Please, may you help me ? It comes from the digitakt ? the soft ? I got a dedicated usb host in usb c, and a cable usb b to usb c, maybe it’s the reason ? Thank you for reading this, have a nice day.
(and sorry for my english)
Thx, guys !


Maybe you have a midi feedback loop. Try unsetting the midi inputs on the DT.


I’ve tried, i disabled all midi settings/channels, and the problem remains. When the DT freezes, the app OB indicates “the device has been disconected”


perhaps try uninstalling overbridge - then reinstall with the latest software and also take care to only plug the usb in to the DT when the DT is powered down - also try different usb ports on the computer and or a different USB cable.


yes, i tried it all, and it don’t works. Thx for your answers anyway :wink: