Digitakt carry bag or case


Lol. I know right. This thing is hardcore !!!
I feel like I’m carrying around the nuclear launch codes. !!
Plenty of room in there too. I tried linking it but the link leads to something else. Idk. Why

Condition 1 14" Medium #075 Black Waterproof Hard Case with DIY Customizable Foam


assume the digitone will fit the digitakt protective lid?


is the BlipCase tall (deep) enough to house a Digitakt with its protective lid, or is it a tight fit? Could you fit the DT/DN, back to back inside the case? The BlipCase is pretty small, yeah? Is it basically the size of four Volca series-size boxes (interior) ?


I just picked up this Gator soft case/bag for $30. It’s for a small mixer but the DT fits almost perfectly. It’s padded and has separate compartment for power supply and cables. It’s the Gator G-MIXERBAG-0909


that is super rad


For all type of gear the dell mobile office bag can be found for some dollar on ebay, padded, lots of pockets very good quality… there are some leather too…




This a proper case :handbag: The power supply fits under the Digitakt.


This is a bit pricey but


picked one up in an airport and it fits the DT very nicely. With space for an omnicharge and cables in the pockets, zoom H1n in the side pockets etc and iPad.

Tried the amazon sleeve, but it is too wide and unnervingly compresses the buttons to get it closed. Would prefer a neoprene 11” laptop sleeve if you at just looking for soft protection of your DT/DN inside your luggage.


I went with the Carhartt as suggested by fellow forum member above, along with that Elektron pl cover. For me, works great, really compact, safe even under the rain. I don’t swing it around though, not padded underneath.


always good idea to add the decksaver


At one point someone somewhere posted a link to this super affordable custom hard case manufacturer. I think it was animal named but not Pelican or gator. I hope I figure it out


Thanks for the tip on the carhart bag!
I’m pretty squared away with Elektron bags and cases, but I do need a new insulated bag for my lunches. :slight_smile:

Also, in cruising Amazon, I came across this one, which has enough size in the dimensions to allow for a 2nd Digi/Heat sized Elektron, stacked on top, when the bag is expanded (assuming you’re using the dustcovers when stacking, of course).


I think I payed 45$ for the pelican case in the US. I think this pretty cheap compared to a decksaver. I know peli cases are way more expensive in Europe.


nice find!


hey DOEOP, would you trust this case in the main hold of a plane?

i travel a lot and would like to take my digitakt along with my op-1. if i went for a soft case i could fit it in to my carry on bag, but it would be quite heavy to lug around. i was thinking of a pelican case but if i did choose the hard case, it wouldn’t fit in to the carry on, so would need to go into the hold.

any thoughts on this?


The pelican case is definitely strong enough for the main hold (it’s build like all the other pelican cases) but I would be afraid that it got lost there because it is so small.


i would, for sure, put it inside another bag with my clothes etc. but just wanted to check you would feel comfortable with it’s strength and design. i mean, no offence to any of the luggage handlers on this board, but they do have a reputation for throwing things around.

anyway, thanks for your help. i will order one soon.


I search for something like a shoulder bag for the Digitone it should be foamed, i dont want to buy the PL-2s to carry the Digitone around. Any recommendations?