Digitakt - Cannot Install' Right Firmware for Overbridge!


Just wanted to upgrade my Digitakt to Firware 1.11 Beta6, to be able to make Overbridge work properly.
First flashed from 1.08 to 1.10, then trying to flash 1.11, but digitakt is freezing on “upgrading”.
Transfer says ok, but Digitakt actyually stays in previous OS…
Overbridge is working half (got the usb interface, but not the overbridge controller)…

Any idea??
Thanx a lot!

Use C6 to upgrade OS

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Transfer doesn’t work??

it’s not what you should do it with - iirc some people may have mixed success (never tried it myself, too risky), but C6 won’t be an issue if set up correctly - Transfer is primarily intended for samples

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Ok! Thanx a lot…
Will try it next week…

I THOUGHT 1.10 was the most current version of the DIGITAKT firmware?! Incidentally I’m having a terrible time establishing OVERBRIDGE as either VST or Stand-Alone. However, on the subject of C6 versus Transfer, both have worked quite smoothly for me, though I have only moved samples with Transfer. I’d be awfully grateful if someone would set me straight on this issue of incompatible/compatible DIGITAKT OS for use with OVERBRIDGE. I can see just by the interface of OVERBRIDGE PLUG-IN in its disconnected state, that it will be a powerful tool, once I can figure it out. Thanks.

1.11 beta is needed for overbridge. Info can be found at the following link.


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got it thank you!