Digitakt buttons sitting askew on the right side in the sockets


Hello all! Has anyone had this problem with elektron gear, that the buttons dont sit in the middle of their socets, but are scratching one side of the panelholes? I bought a digitakt secondhand about a month ago, and it is clearly almost unused, but it has this problem with the buttons, that they are misaligned with the upperpanel and some of them are not just scraching the right side of the socet, but also tend to get stuck for a moment. It is unbearable. Just wrote also to customer support. Anyone had that???
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yeah the rubber coating was causing a problem like you are describing on some of the units. I had the same on my OT MKii and after use for a while, it stopped once the buttons “wore in”. If its many of the buttons, yeah… i’d put in a support ticket.


Just after posting here, I found out, that this is not the first case of its kind. Sticky buttons have bin there before (LOL). If there`s not going to be any official support, i think i should skrew it open, and see, if i could move the buttonpanel a little. Do you know, if its rather duable, to remove the encoderknobs? Lets see, what will be answered from the support. Thanks for the reply!
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ooh, keep us posted! I bought my DT secondhand, and button #7 is sometimes a bit sticky. I thought it was something that the previous owner had done, but perhaps not?

It hasn’t become an issue yet, so I was hoping I could ignore it and maybe it would go away…


As i have seen already some other posts like that (and its not always digitakt that has it), it hink, its a construction/design issue due to different conditions: rubbery surfance of the buttons, what improves the grip, but not only for the fingers, but anything - if the button touches the side of the faceplate socket, it does not slide easily... upon that is the rather long movment of the button, and if then there is a little misalignment of the faceplate and the base, where the buttons are attatched to - the result is sticky.... Anyway, it is not my purpose in any way to critisize Elekton for that, as they have done a wonderful improvments of the design at some point, and the very sturdy mechanical look was one of the main reasons, why I wanted the digitakt, and why their other MK2-s look so good. Im shure, that they will work things out along the way so that the problems like that become almost impossible (hopefully). But now the solution for existing gear with that problem needs to be found. Im counting on the really supportive interaction. We will see after their summerbreak. The buttonthing drives me crazy to be honest :D This digitakt was not just another peace of gear to be added to my endless collection of machines (ive used so far almost exclusively an old korg esx sampler for the last 7 years). So the digitakt is meant to be the new centerpiece and the main thing i will use (hopefully) for a long time if the problem gets solved in any way :slight_smile: good luck with your machine!


the customersupport got in contact, and seemed to be very willing to help. Aside from the possibility to send the device to warrantyrepair, they also added this video in case id like to try to remove the problem myself, and i would not lose my warranty. In 2 weeks from now, when im back, i think ill give it a try: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krhmcrX-jKk