Digitakt audio routing with separate FX sends and audio main output directly from Digitakt

Ok, so probably just lost but I can’t get my head around this specific audio routing problem.

I have two computers, an old one with a DAW that is connected to my audio interface and a mixer, and my laptop which contains Overbridge. I have my Digitakt USB port connected to the laptop and the Digitakt audio L/R output connected to my mixer. I basically want to record the separate tracks, and then only the FX send on the main track on my laptop with the standalone Digitakt Overbridge app (like a tape recorder). At the same time, I want to use the Digitakt audio output to my mixer.

The problem is if I mute all the separate tracks in the Digitakt routing menu to get the FX send tracks clean on the Overbridge “recording directly to files”, I get no audio through the audio L/R output on the Digitakt, because (of course) it’s muted.

For me, it’s a typical catch-22.
Haha, sorry for total confusion but I hope it’s somewhat clear. Super thankful for any tips!

route the audio back out of the DAW/audio interface instead of the Digitakt outs?

I think that’s your only possible solution.

The thing is that there is no audio at all coming in to the audio interface and DAW when the tracks are muted in the audio routing menu on the Digitakt. So muted audio routing (to get clean FX recording on the laptop) equals no audio through Digitakt L/R output. The audio only goes through the USB to my laptop (except the FX send, because it’s not muted).

yes, I’m saying you will have to route it back out of Overbridge/the laptop.

Oh, not possible because I have no DAW or audio interface connected to my laptop.

So there’s really no other solutions for this? Let’s say that you want to record your live set (with clean FX send) via Overbridge on to your laptop and the audio out on the Digitakt is going to the main mixer via TRS cords?

oh, I see, sorry, so you’re recording to the standalone Overbridge?

I mean, if there’s even a headphone socket on the laptop then you can pass on the audio?
Not optimal, but probably not going to be all that terrible.

I did have a sneaky idea of how you could do it though…

You can leave all the tracks in the master out.
Then in your DAW, phase reverse all the individual tracks you recorded and sum these with the master out. They should cancel all the signals, so you end up with just the effects audio. Save that, and you have all the tracks you need, without having to remove anything from the master outs.
you will have to get the tracks all lined up very accurately… But i guess Overbridge should start recording them all in the same place.

A bit fiddly, but will achieve what you want without any extra hardware.

basically using this trick on a large scale

That’s right, standalone Overbridge.
Haha, tricky solution. A little bit scary though, can’t be good to the sound quality?

Well, I do appreciate your help! But I really thought that it would be possible with some routing options inside the Digitakt.

Thanks again!

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The headphone socket solution might well affect the sound quality.
the phase trick probably shouldn’t as I guess it’s recording entirely digitally. Worth a go - either it will work, or there will really obviously be bits of the other tracks left in the master.

I suspect it will probably just work though! (even though it does seem like witchcraft)

That is a pretty cool idea but any panning automation or pan parameter locks will probably mess things up. This will only work if you pan all 8 tracks dead center or recreate the panning for every track in the DAW exactly as it were on the DT.

ah, yes it doesn’t bounce out the panning. that won’t work then.


that sucks :man_farmer: