Digitakt and Mutant brain no midi out

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit desperate here, I have no midi out from Channel E to H when trying to send to my mutant brain. The brain fonction correctly as I tried with Ableton and no issues there. I have gates coming out of channel A to D.

my patterns are not muted if this can help.

You can change midi channel per track on the DT. Are they all set to the correct midi channel?

I have tried Having A to H as channels 1 to 8 and have Output Ch to Trk Ch in the port config but that does not work.

This is how I have the mutant brain config. all channels could also be on default which is 13 for now but that did not work either, I must be doing something wrong with the Digitakt cause all configs worked with Ableton.

I don’t have a mutant brain, but looking at the settings page here, maybe could offer a couple suggestions to try. It looks like in the Gate Outputs settings, you have Gates 1-4 with settings “note input”, and Gates 5-8 set to “Midi note”. And it is set up to take note input on the CV Outputs as well. So it may be that on the Mutant, if you are trying to sequence note’s/melodie’s, then you only get do 4 channels of that. 4 CV parts, and 4 Gate parts set to complimentary settings.

But, I you were just trying to trigger gates out of the gate outputs, say for triggering drums, that is a different thing. If I were to just test the gate outputs 1-8 on the Mutant, I would make sure all DT Midi tracks are set to midi channel 13, and in the Mutant Gate settings 1-8, I would set each to Midi note, and define a different note for each Gate. Then in the DT, set each channel to its corresponding note, NOT1 setting, and sequence each track to test it out.

So I guess it all depends on how you are using the Mutant. What is your use case that you are trying out here?

gate 1to 4 work perfectly and CV 1-4 as well.

The problem is on gate output 5 to 10 which are setup as triggers in this template. I tried pretty much every scenario… I tried having gate 5 to 10 on default channel as well and all those setting work fine with Ableton and mutant brain. the problem is when I connect the Digitakt… I may have the wrong setup in the Digitakt but agin I tried pretty much every scenario, I’m very discourage at the moment :frowning:

Something else that may help troubleshoot is running your DT midi into Ableton. That way you can see if the DT is sending, say, the correct note info out for each channel.

good idea, I was trying to find a program for that but obviously Ableton can do the job. Thanks

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This is the notes from individual track 1 to 8 when I trig them. but if I go in chromatic mode all note of the octave are played correctly.

It looks like the root note, “NOT1 settings” are all set to C3 for each track. Except for the 5th one, which looks like it is set to D3. That is probably where the issue is.

From the DT manual:


Set the actions for when a note is trigged. Change settings using the DATA ENTRY knobs. These general settings affect note trigs placed in the sequencer.

Press [TRIG PARAMETERS] to access this parameter page.

12.2.1 NOT1

Note 1 sets the root note that should be sent by the MIDI track. (C0–G10)

ok but I don’t understand why track A to D fonction correctly with the same root note… Do you have an idea?

Is it because some tracks are set to channel 13, and triggering the CV and Gate (“note input” setting on the mutant)? If so, then those would work with any note sent from an external sequencer. But any tracks set to “midi note” on the mutant, they are expecting a specific note in order to fire, from a specific midi channel. In the one screenshot it looks like you have Gate 5, set to midi channel 5, set to mid note C4, Gate 6 set to midi channel 6, set to midi note D4, and so on.

I have arrange all root note on the Digi to follow the template of the mutant brain from C4 to A4 and it still does’t work… my brain is going to explode. Thank you for putting so much time trying to help me out. it’s sooo appreciated :raised_hands:

Does it work if you trigger the proper note in chromatic mode?

from the Digi to Ableton in chromatic mode

this is the root note for each channel A to H on the Digi
C5 for A to D
C4 for E
D4 for F
E4 for G
F4 for H

Ableton received it differently from this screen shot.

I changed the default from channel 10 to 13!

last mutant template|690x475

Interesting. So if Ableton sees C4 as C2, then maybe it will see C6 as C4?

yep it did.

Sorry the forum blocked me because I’m new… I could only do a certain amount of reply the first day :roll_eyes: