Digitakt and Mpc Live owner, is getting an Octatrack redundant?

I couldn’t have said it better myself. That’s exactly how I feel about the workflows.
The MPC seems like it has no limitations for producing but feels extremely limited for performing live and improvising. Just like you said, it has very little “live” control over parameters and it just doesn’t feel as immediate as the DT. If it had a few more encoders and customizable “assign parameter” page that would have made it an incredible jam station. Maybe MPC UnPlugged would have been a better name for it? :grin:
The DT on the other hand feels like a crazy joy/jam machine to get lost in improvisation but I don’t think I could make a full finished song on it (not that that’s a bad thing, after all it’s supposed to be "just a drum machine":joy:).
That’s why I’ve been obsessing with the OT. I think/hope it gets me that middle ground between the accidental happy craziness of the DT and the vast possibilities of the MPC. I don’t mind the long manuals and learning curve.
Do you miss the MPC’s responsive
/velocity sensitive/layerable drum pads much when on the OT? that’s one thing I absolutely love on the MPC, puts my push 2 to shame

that was totally possible for me, but that‘s where I missed the additional highpass filter the most… they gave it the DN but the DT needs it much more…

I personally do. That‘s something elektrons would benefit a lot from. The rytm pads should not even be called pads.
I seem to prefer the pads on the push actually. I can do better finger drumming on smaller pads. And for me it‘s strange that the pads on the live are on the left side.
They do feel nice though

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Unfortunately they are a bit too stiff to have a wide response, I wonder if it is the material used or something else? If the former then it would be cool if there were aftermarket replacements such as the MPC stuff pads.

I guess that tweaking the response in firmware isn’t really going to be effective or perhaps we’d have seen this implemented already.


I think it’s all about having fun, right? If you like the DT and are not really thrilled with the MPC, then you will prob be ok with the OT. The DT is the gateway drug that ultimately gets you hooked on the elektron workflow. Then you will have no choice but to get the OT. The MPC Live could be sold to fund the OT mk1. The way that you can sync the Elektron boxes together is just perfect. You just have to throw caution to the wind and jump off the ledge. Don’t worry. The OT can be used as a performance sampler, but also a parachute and floatation device. Who isn’t down for a little thrill ride?!


This exactly! I know we all love comparing specs and functionality but in the end, fun is why we all got into this thing, right? With the DT I confirm once more that beyond specs, the sound, feel and character are what makes you love an instrument or not.
Love the good vibes on the forum. Does anyone have any videos showing their performances with DT, OT and or MPC live? (or do I have to go to other threads for that? Don’t know the rules here well yet :sweat_smile:)

As an OT and then DT owner I would responsibly point out that, despite being often referred to as a ‘gateway’ (which it is) the DT is a superior machine to the OT in a few key respects:

  • Form factor (size, GUI and cuteness)
  • Immediacy (you can get straight to work)
  • Simplicity (easy to navigate)
  • Sound (noticeably better than the OT, even with my vintage adult ears)
  • Overbridge
  • Focus (few alternative workflows compared to the OT’s myriad)

DT owners upgrading to an OT might be a little perplexed on some counts where the DT punches above its weight.


100% agreed with this and EXACTLY the experience I had when I first got my OT :slight_smile:

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Nah the OT can do a lot more…
more depth and features like time stretch and slices, fx scenes.
It’s immediate when you finally learn how it works
DT does sound cleaner newer sounding fx but I would keep the OT if had to choose imo
You do have some good points though I wouldn’t call the DT superior

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Yes, totally agree OT can do more, but just saying the DT is not a linear point below the OT.
DT has its own unique strengths that the OT doesn’t match either; that’s why I keep my DT around.

Very often I just feel like a DT session even though I know my OT can technically do much more on paper.

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I own DT, MPC Live and OT and with DN its best combo 4me. Start with DT + DN to make base melody/swing/charakter/flow of composition. Then record every track to mpc live and fx’s them trim/slice adjust EQ etc. Then record internal track in mpc to loops and transfer to OT. Then on OT make final composition with glitches/intro/outro etc.


The lack of performance controls on the MPC Live can easily be made up with an additional MIDI controller. Since the MPC is also a USB Host it´s just plug and play after you´ve done your mapping and there´s basically a MIDI controller for every porpuse/workflow.
And I guess it also depends on how you play live. If you´re “just” switching between sequences or mute pads/groups and prepare everything else in advance then it offers enough I guess but if you feel like adding some layers spontaneously then it really is quite cumbersome compared to other boxes. I still wouldn´t want to miss mine. It´s the center of my setup, no matter if connected to a computer or standalone and I can control, record and arrange everything on it. And my Keystep is only connected via USB to the MPC and I can play every synth that is connected via MIDI…

I also own the Digitakt and can basically confirm what others already wrote, it´s so much more immediate and fun to use. I just love the step sequencer with all the trig conditions and p-locks so to me the DT and MPC are excellent companions since the MPC does the things I don´t have on the DT: stereo samples, song mode, velocity pads and with the added SSD drive tons of storage. The ability to just work without a computer without being too limited was important for me since I already spend 8 hours a day in front of a computer so the MPC is here to stay for my setup.

If I feel like using a step sequencer I won´t even bother with the MPC since the DT is so much more powerful and when I feel like recording a more “humanised” pattern quickly I choose the MPC. Or I just use both together and see what happens…