Digitakt and Minitaur - Midi CC issues


Hi dear Elektronauts!

I tried to control my Moog Minitaur with my DT, but it does not seem to accept/react on the Midi CC I am sending. Midi notes are recognized and played, and I can also do Program Changes on the DT that are accepted by the Moog. Anyone an idea what can be the cause of this? I am also controlling my Monologue and Volca FM over the DT, and this works like a charm. All input is much appreciated!




I have an M32.
It only receives Pitchbend and Modwheel (IIRC) messages.


I have no idea why your Minitaur is not responding to CC, but I can tell you that the Minitaur responds to my DT’s CC messages. So it should work if all the settings are right. Make sure you have latest firmware on Minitaur.


is your minitaur firmware up to date? there were some bug fixes a little while ago with regard to midi implementation


Thanks all for your quick replies! I figured out what the issue was, and it’s quite embarrassing: the Midi Implementation Chart for the Minitaur shows both a MSB and a LSB CC number. Well, I was using the wrong number…

Let the sequencing fun begin!