Digitakt + Analog Heat and Cubase... no audio out!

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with Digitakt and Cubase.


  • Cubase 10.0.15
  • Overbridge beta
  • Digitakt 1.11 beta6 (OVERBRIDGE MODE “on”)

I start Cubase (new project), load Digitakt as VST but, playing, does not come out audio from Digitakt. If I push play on Cubase, Digitakt does not start as if the sync was off although on Overbridge the mode is set on “Sync: Clock + Transport” . If I push play on Digitakt, the sequence starts but no sound comes out. Inside Cubase, Overbridge regularly communicates with Digitakt…

Same with Analog Heat, insert or send, it does not affect the audio…

No problem with Ableton Live, everything works perfectly.

Thanks in advance for the tips!


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Same here. V frustrating

I solved changing latency :wink: