Digitakt Ambient on tape (new jam, March 18th)


I’m just gonna leave these here. Hope you enjoy the music. :v:

These tracks are now mastered and released as my new album ‘Would’. Available digitally and in a limited cassette edition:


Really nice!


Thank you :slight_smile:




I was checking these out this morning. really nice shtuff :slight_smile:


Beautiful! Gonna try my hand at something like this as soon as I get home today, thanks for showing me another side of the digitakt :slight_smile:


Both of these tracks are super nice! Did you break apart an ambient session into bits before loading up into the DT? I’m curious of your workflow (without you divulging too many secrets)


Thanks for the kinds words everyone. Super glad you like the videos. I only had the Digitakt for a little over a week and can’t wait to further explore it. I’m absolutely smitten with this little machine.

To answer the workflow questions: All sounds in both videos (besides two litte field recordings) were shaped within the Digitakt. In ‘Suns’ I made the sounds out of single cycle wavs, some were resampled a couple of times within the Digitakt.

In ‘Keys’ I basically did the same but instead of single cycles, I used simple drones from an Eurorack OSC (Mangrove) and some plucky sounds from Mutable Rings. But those sounds a very, very basic.

So both times I treated the Digitakt more like a synth than a sampler. The layering and arranging of the sounds make them feel more complex than they actually are.


Very nice indeed <3


beautiful. well done. can’t wait to hear more of your music


Thank you. Don’t want to spam too much but if you are interested in more of my tunes, there is quite a bunch of them on bandcamp and youtube. Not made with Digitakt, though. :metal:


Dtakt is really an ambient power house… I’ve been sculpting the most random samples in to ambient textures. especially if you resample a few times you can pitch things wayyy down and back up to really destroy a sound. Also nice work


You’ve really squeezed alot from the box with these. Pretty inspiring and on top of that I really like the tracks too.


Really nice! Listening to one of your albums on Bandcamp now, sounds amazing.


Awesome. Very glad you enjoy it.


As always, brilliant work from you, extremely inspiring. I still listen to Self almost every day. You got new stuff coming out anytime soon?


Oh, thank you so much. I actually released an album in November called ‘From’. Just in case you missed it. Otherwise I got quite a bit of material ready, maybe 1.5 albums worth. But as I’m releasing on my own label along other great artists, I have to leave some room for their tapes as well :slight_smile:


Reasonable :slight_smile: I did check out From but never pulled the trigger, don’t know why. I think perhaps I wasn’t quite done with Self yet, which - I have to admit - I kind of use as a template for what I’m trying to do myself now.

But perhaps it’s time to widen one’s horizons and let From join Self. Anyway, thanks for the music, it’s inspiring in a world where we can’t have enough beauty right now.


Your comment made my day. So proud to read this. It means a lot to me.


Big fan of Jogging House and Seil. Keep it up!