Digitakt & Ableton: Exporting & FX Question

Hi Guys!

I am a noob and while I have been using the Digitakt for the past month,5 I had not record it yet. Had a lot of troubles with DAWs etc.
Now I got Ableton to work with multitrack:
-8 tracks for the Digitakt Tracks
-Track 9 for my Microfreak (via digi Midi)
-1 Track for Pre FX (read somewhere that that was nice)
-1 Master track that hosts the Overbridge Plugin.

Now I am making mixing and effect adjustments on a track level. I am encountering two problems:

  1. When soloing the Master track it sounds different. When muting it it sounds more mixed (after i added effects and adjustments)
    1a. When exporting; do I export the Master track, or all the individual tracks? I tried the former but I don’t think it includes the track level mixing. What’s the logic here? How should I approach mixing and effects?

  2. When I record something, and want to hear it back, it starts my Digi as well so I hear it twice. I can bypass this by Soloing the MAster track; but it wont mute my synth. Is this just a matter of Mute all on the Digi?

Thanks a lot! I have been struggling with Ableton, Reaper and Cakewalk and even Studio One and Couldn’t get the hang of it. Got a bit of experience with Ableton but not with external Hardware. I feel like I am so close!!

Hi, your no. 1 is a pretty common topic and has been discussed here already. Just can‘t find the thread anymore.
The DT FX are on the Master and not on the individual outs. This unfortunately makes a flawless way impossible.
The way I and probably many others use it:
Deactivate in DT setup sending audio to master for your 8 channels.
Now you have dry individual outs and the DT fx signals on the master.
You can record / export track by track by soloing individual out and master. Or everything at once but then all DT fx will be merged into one audio track. Like I said it is not perfect.
Hope that helped! For more details please check other threads. Maybe you find it easier than me …

I do not quite understand the issue regarding your no. 2


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Thanks for the reply. I like to record all at once since I basically record a Jam.
So this way you suggest you have no sound on the master, but the master basically becomes the Effect Track. So in my case, 10 tracks. 8 digi, 1 synth 1 FX.
Then when exporting i select All Tracks?

Thanks a lot. Will look around but couldn’t find that much.

Yes, no dry signal on the master (i.e. main out in the manual) otherwise it will be doubled when you also use the individual outs.
That is probably why:

And yes, that way the master / main out will become an fx send out and then select for exporting your 10 tracks.
I just looked again and found this, goes into the same direction:

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Btw this might also solve your 2nd issue. Maybe you still had a signal because it was on the main out AND individual outs. So muting one was not enough. Just my guess …

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Thank you so much, Will try this out tonight! Lots of information out there but I cannot seem to find the right topic.


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So to be sure: I go Settings > Audio Routing > Route To Main (10/10) and disable the 8 tracks there so they glow red?

I am wondering; would there be a device to fix this? Like an additonal audio interface?