Digitakt 1.08


With the chorus on the DN and now the comp on DT, I really feel these digi boxes are such great value, so feature rich. Also there’s no filler, every function feels essential and useful. On my old analogs there was a bunch of stuff I never used. It’s a great economy of function on these two I feel. Good times :slight_smile:


I think SCS = sidechain SOURCE which would be the sound actually triggering the compressor? in which case I think it should be T1, the kick, right? I’m a complete compressor newbie so I could be embarrasingly wrong on this


Like I said, I don’t know anything about side chaining. I mean it is pumping, but probably pumping backwards.


BTW, thanks for the comp having sensible defaults !


Well, they have stated something about the Digitone having twice the processing power as the Digitakt, or double the processors, or something along those lines. So there could definitely be more limitations on what the Digitakt can do in the long run.

Also I was thinking about this earlier, there might also be more complexities if you combine in the fact that the inputs on the DT are meant for sampling and there would probably be extra stuff needed to distinguish between all the possibilities there. So it might not just be a processor issue but an interface complexity issue as well.

With the Digitone they are just aux inputs and not used for sampling of any kind so I assume it’s a simpler situation

EDIT: I know you didn’t mention any comparison to the Digitone but my mind just automatically went there as it is a common comparison - “Digitone gets it so why can’t Digitakt?”


Thanks for the update. It looks like program change is working for me now, so I can change patterns on my electribe from the digitakt. Sweeet


Master compressor is amazing feature! Sidechain is great addition as well. Thanks a lot! Keep up this great momentum for Digitakt!


Compressor works…love it!


i just checked…

incoming signal from external source doesn’t seem to go through the compressor even with source set to LR , which is a shame , though similar to reverb/delay i guess…


No external input compression, but what about using a midi loop and sidechaining based on the input of that device? Effectively the same thing, right?


We wouldn’t want any pesky product overlap now would we?


If that were the case they would have never added a compressor to the Digitakt.

Perhaps it needs to be bacon flavored for true satisfaction.


It probably has more to do with design and hardware implications and/or limitations in the digitakt that are different from the digitone (assuming that’s what you mean by overlap)



I’m just joking, but I can’t believe there’s only a few people who would want to rout say the Digitone through the Digitakt and have its response factored into the Digitakt’s compression.
Seems to be logical to me.

I also haven’t personally confirmed that it can’t compress external audio.


All the more reason to throw jabs at Elektron for the limitations of a feature that didn’t exist 24 hours ago.

The overlap/canibalization argument is the most tired one on these forums.


Is the graphic for “Output” a cooked sausage with grill marks and heat emanating from it? lol


That means it’s meaty


So bacon flavor isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. Hmmm.


They should have made it a T-bone steak imo.