Digitakt 1.08


Sadly not


Man! That would have been a glorious drop!

Oh well- thanks for the compressor! This is going to add a lot of magic to this powerful little beauty!


Also wondering if the side chain compression will be added to the OT Mk2?



The only real revenge is blood violence.


No, this compressor will not be added to the Octatrack. Not the same system or processor. (DSP is written in assembler)


For the OT, you can actually already sidechain all elements besides the kick using the compressor that’s there in conjunction with parameter locks. You can’t even parameter lock the compressor on the DT either.


One approach might be, given that there can be more than one page per section, would be to throw another master page in:

  1. Compressor Settings
  2. Master Mix Levels
  3. 8 Switches, each one chooses a routing for the 8 tracks, one via the compressor and one bypassing it.

Then any combination of signals could be compressed or not compressed and the side chaining would be completely independent of that too.

Appreciate it is hardly a priority but seems like a possible way around it.

Wonder if other stuff might be getting more pages in the future!!!:smiley:


I bitch quite often about OB (Even have a YouTube vid about it) and as mad as I am to not have multitracking at least I have a compressor to glue my beats together with. I’ve been dying for this feature for a while because it makes staying itb that little bit easier. If we could get a decent bandpass filter/proper eq itb it would take even more of my OB frustrations away. Multitracking would still be tedious as all hell but at least then I won’t need it to get a decent mix going on.

I feels you, it’s very frustrating, but at least we got something.


Yep nice, works but only muting it via level knob on the left, amp vol or mixer page = doesn’t via midi mute or Src « level »


I just tested the Compressor… and it’s awesome!!

Thanks for releasing this now and not waiting for OB. Good decision I think.


Despite my very limited former appreciation of compressors, I can’t believe how much this improves the DT.

I’m probably using crazy settings that a studio engineer would weep at, but rolling between DRY and CMP my so-so awkwardly thrown together tracks are all gelling together much more nicely with a lot more life and integration.

More than just a little FX add-on, this is a serious improvement in the purpose of the DT.

As an OT owner I’m glad to see the DT being enhanced like this. It needs to develop its own character and specialties, rather than just being a cut down OT.



I kinda like the compressor and I also don`t get it.

  • threshold is not in dB`s (yet the gain is)
  • it is on ALL 8 tracks or on NONE so I just sidechain hihats with kick?
  • it supposed to be a master compressor but no auto release

its weird…

EDIT: I`m not saying its rubbish or something just it would make much more sense to have it as a send effect


Man, I already loved the Digitakt. This makes it even more fun.

Thanks, Elektron. I am happy. :slight_smile:




A great step in the right direction… Good job on adding the compressor… Now let’s look into the saving of chained patterns…


What a long time since the last time i had this sensation when connecting to elektron/auts… Remind me old md memory… Although all the bad i recently said here on elek/digi/overbridge, im really , really pleased to read this!! Definitely cannot wait to try asap. I have to say i didnt power on the digitakt, which is my last piece of kit, for weeks so much in anger with all…
But now i just want one thing: the time to try it.

Thanks thanks thanks

Good news!! Keep the way!!


It’s true.
Also. OT can have 8 p-lockable stereo compressors, all at once. And any, all, or non, can be pre-eq, pre filter, etc.

It’s not like the OT is less flexible all of the sudden .


Hey guys, I don’t side chain, except on rare holidays. Is this how you do it? Track 1 is my kick and Track 6 is my bass? Then just turn knobs till it sounds good :slight_smile:

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Just curious, is there a hardware limitation that would prevent adding effects on the inputs?