Digitakt 1.08


Just wondering a few things.

A. For Attack and Release what do those numbers stand for in units of time measurement?
B. With sidechain does this also affect the input signal?

Great job on coming through with this compressor!


Excellent question. Would love to know this as well if possible @Simon. :slight_smile:

@IONMATIKA B=no, it only effects all the audio tracks on the master bus.


+1000 ! Still don’t understand this. Same on all Elektrons apparently.
It’s like I can’t open a door because the door of another room is opened. :fury:


Just out of curiosity; what do you do with those numbers if Simon replies? Is it to set the makeup gain or what?


Well for me personally, probably not much of anything useful! I was just curious, since I’m new to using compressors and have been watching some vids and such, coming across guidelines of dB ranges to aim for. I know that’s all subjective but it would be nice to have some kind of calibration to compare against.

In the end it probably won’t make any difference to me, my usage probably will not represent a “gentle mastering” approach and more of a “what the fuck, does this guy even know what he’s doing?” approach, using it as a cool effect rather than a mastering tool. I’m already seeing it as more of a textural/rhythmic tool, I really like the kind of dirty, grungy, massive reverb into compressor pulsing in and out, using anything NOT the kick for side chain source, drastic sidechain filter settings letting a lot through but really screwing up some particular frequency range… cool stuff :smiley:


Still not had a chance to play with this as I’m away from home. Was wondering if someone could explain to me the function of the filter? I’m wondering how I can get that characteristic pumping sound without losing the thump of the kick?


Other way round bud - SCS wants to be kick, being applied to the bass (I think is what you were aiming for). But in fact it’ll apply to all tracks in this case due to it being a master compressor. Try a bunch of weird settings though - there’s always unusual, unexpected fun to be had!


FWIW, I remember finally understanding all the ways you can use a fully-featured compressor after seeing this poster:


fabulous :slight_smile:


Problem when using this side chain is that when you go to another pattern with just say kick alone, the volume increases quite a bit, so you have to turn down the level on that pattern for everything to match up.


That’s why I prefer to use the HPF sidechain filter, which ignores the low end in the control signal. Though it is not best when you want the “special effect fist pump”


I was listening to Elektron’s demos of the compressor on SoundCloud, and they sound really nice. I actually ordered a Digitakt again mostly due to this compressor.