Digitakt 1.08


But there is a SMP on the left. I thought that was the track you selected, against the source you selected.


No. It’s just the general selected track (e.g. for editing the trigs) and has nothing to do with the compressor.

You have to select your kick as source SCS (knob F) and it will use that track to side chain everything.


13.4.7 SCS
Sidechain Source decides what audio source the compressor analyzes when it performs sidechaining.
Sidechaining is the process when the compressor uses the output of an audio source to control the
overall action of the compressor. For example, if you set SCS to T1 where you have a kick drum, every
time the kick drum plays, the compressor lowers the overall sound of the mix.
LR sets the sidechain source to be the sound sent to the L/R Outputs.
T1–8 sets the sidechain source to be the sound sent from one of the separate audio tracks.


Yes it says exactly what I said :slight_smile: In the paragraph is nowhere mentioned that you can select on what track/mix the compressor works.

“Sidechain Source decides what audio source the compressor analyzes when it performs sidechaining.”

That’s it.
Select your kick track as SCS. It will analyse the kick and works with that on the whole main mix.

They should maybe update the sentence to: “Sidechain Source decides what audio source the compressor analyzes when it performs sidechaining to the main mix.”

They put the compressor to the Master page for a reason. It’s the master compressor :slight_smile:


Yeah it was the sample visual on the left that was throwing me off. I thought it was per track.


The compressor is not for vegans :rofl:


Took the 1.08 update for a test drive yesterday and the compressor is a SUBSTANTIAL feature and great improvement on the Digitakt. The reverb PRE/POST option was a very pleasant surprise.


Really nice new feature!
Totally ready for OB now :grinning:


Is there any way to tell, or can you give us a general idea, of how much dB the little side meter represents?

Like if it’s pushing 25% of the way down, 50%, 75%, 100%, what dB values would those correspond to?

My apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere, I don’t recall seeing anything about it though, and don’t see anything about it in the manual. Thanks!


Agree, sounds great, chaining aside
Very much appreciate the addition!


Excellent update thanks :slight_smile:
Good news about sorting the sounds/sample bug too!


But more importantly: Working totally fine without OB as well! :wink:


Well done guys! This is like a dream, i just need two more lfo per track and u will make me the happiest man on planet earth :wink:


This is a big step in the right direction. Can’t wait to dust off the old digitakt and try it out.


One of the best improvements I see in this update is in the UI: all menus are now accessible all the time, you don’t have to exit out of some menus to get into others. THANK YOU :3lektron:!


What do you mean exactly. Can you give examples? :slight_smile:


For example: go into system -> samples, now press a parameter page button (like SRC). The menu will just change. Before you had to exit out (hit NO twice) in the system menu, then press SRC.

Unless I’m remembering wrong… that’s how it has worked on all the other machines up till now (still that way on Digitone, at least)


ah ok. i remembered it like you said in all firmware versions, but i could be wrong :slight_smile:


Damn son…Great update. WOW.


Yeah, the “LR” setting is essentially the same as not having a sidechain. The full L/R mix will act as both the control signal and the signal being processed, which is the same configuration as a compressor without a separate sidechain input.