Digitakt 1.08


High threshold ( high setting) + high ratio + high attack. Works fine. You have to play with the settings a little.also using a high pass filter does wonders. Then there’s paralel compression… So enough ways to get that pump effect without destroying your kick.


You’re not sidechaining everything - you are compressing everything. There are many uses for sidechain in this manner. For example, if you have sidechain set to LR you can use the filter to expand or compress certain frequencies.

Using the same method for individual tracks as sidechain allows you to control the compression further, or use it to follow a certain sound - or accentuate it if setting attack, release and filter carefully. Pair it with parallel mixing you’ll get a wide variety of sausages.


the AR has a comp, on the AMP page, go to FX seetings. looks very similiar to the AR apart from sidechaining


Whoops… Thanks for spotting that typo. Will fix!


This is the game changer for me. If we get stereo through for the audio inputs (my digitone) then I don’t need anything else. Nice work elektron!


Compression is applied to everything, yes.I found it difficult to get a pumping effect on a pad using the kick as the source without killing the kick. Only played around for half an hour so I’m sure there are sweet-spots, but not my favourite implementation. I ended up just getting the LXR to deliver a beefy kick in T1’a place.


For that kind of pumping/ducking effect, it makes more sense to use a one-shot LFO you trigger with p-locking.


Not someone who uses compressors or sidechaining much but I like what I hear, seems like a wiener to me.


True, but then you have to make sure your p-locks are in sync with your kick’s conditional triggers. This is do-able with the neighbour condition but I would prefer it if it just reacted to audio. The circuit’s implementation of sidechain is really great imo, but obviously no master compressor.
I guess I heard “sidechain” and got excited - not currently seeing many uses-cases for setting the sidechain source and compressing the whole mix.


Yes I understand you are compressing everything as my original post.

Ill have to see this in action as ive never used sidechaining on a master. Only on individual tracks.


I wrote about this above.I think its a really weird setup. I`d much rather see a simple but fast limiting compressor in that spot. Its ok for a soft squash but nothing more… this suppose to be a send effect


I think you just answered what I was about to ask…
Am I safe upgrading from 1.04 then?

Building my first actual set on my elektrons, and I would be super-gutted if I lost my project due to upgrading my DT… Should I go ahead and update?

loving your stuff on the tube btw!


Thanks @FarligAsfalt! Great to hear you like the videos.

Yeah you’re good to update. I am currently checking all my grooves and I do find that there’s some volume differences on some sounds because of the OD and bitcrusher changes on previous updates. So a bit of tweaking here and there is needed. Other than that I’m very happy with this update.

DT sounded amazing and now with the compressor it’s completely bonkers. :slight_smile:


awesome! gonna plunge into DT 1.08 then :slight_smile:


username weareanisland on the tube btw :slight_smile:


So far, nobody has answered this for me on any of the FB groups.

I put T6 as the selected sample (bass) and T1 as the source (kick) which is backwards from what you see, I don’t get the pumping effect.

I did not see any instructions on this in the addendum. Was the main user manual updated with info on this and how it works?

I know unomox or whatever his name is has a YT video on it. But I didn’t find it really helpful as the samples he was using, I could not really tell any pumping action from the audio.





on the topic of sausage. will I be able to order one of those master sausage buttons? :slight_smile:


Unfortunately it’s just a render. I wish I had that button…


I might misunderstand you, but you can’t select on which track the compressor works. It’s a master compressor and works on the main output. Select your kick track as source and your whole output should start “pumping” with the right compressor settings.

What’s written on the far left of the master page (SMP 1-8) has nothing to do with the compressor.