Digitakt 1.08


Why is that?
Just because you don’t think so?
It’s a fair assumption that people have the right to make


It’s been refuted by Elektron officials here.

And there have been no rebuttals to their response.

That makes the argument tired, as it never brings any new perspective or point to the table.
Just the same song, sang the same way, every time.


Certainly welcome to be sure.
I don’t think it’s nitpicking to want it to affect external audio though. Pretty standard request I should think.

I’m not looking to be nitpicky, I’m not petty, but when I head about the new compression feature my FIRST thought was that it better affect external audio.

I shouldn’t have used the overlap argument, it was more a joke than anything, but my sentiment about the compressor still stands.


Fair enough.
Your expectations were not met. And I know how that can burn.


I think everybody would like to see that feature. Making the unfounded accusation towards Elektron is precisely the issue.



This compressor is fun as hell.

I’ve never messed with compressors before (mastering noob…) but this thing is awesome, getting lots of fun textural and rhythmic variations. Also, putting reverb pre-compressor is noice!


I’m convinced that the graphic is actually three strips of bacon, and a sausage.

This compressor will produce pumping effects, dynamic control… also, breakfast.


Well I generally do have faith in Elektron and hey, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t a fan.
I’ve been around since the OLD elektron-users forum.

A low joke to be sure, I guess I’m not around here enough to see how tired it’s become.


I’m not at home, don’t have my Digitakt around and i’m wondering if the compressed signal can be resampled internally. E.g. can you use the compressor to process drum hits and resample them?


So pumped about this update, awesome.
Only essential left is a bandpass filter and then I wouldnt have anything to winge about (audiopass through is a luxury and I have kinda given up on OB haha)


Yes, just tested :slight_smile:




i’m more interested in the digitone getting its own compressor than the digitakt being able to compress external audio on pass thru


Yea digitones gotta have something in the works I imagine, although I don’t know if it will be a compressor… doesn’t seems like something they put on the synth/melodic heavy units while drum heavy units especially with samples the compressor is going to make a giant difference keeping your sounds in control and sidechaining. Still the vague hinting at audio processing has me hopeful to see that on the takt at some point.


good point


Thanks for the info Simon! Great work. Some of the options like the sidechaining would be great on AR mk2 too!


Well it’s a compressor on the master out… so… :thinking:




Maybe inspired by this? http://www.dadalife.com/sausage-fattener/


So my original question stands…What use is sidechaining everything?