Digitakt 1.07 : Bug reports


Sounds to me like a project that hadn’t been saved in the first place…
I always save the project + load a new empty one before upgrading, that’s a good way to avoid this.


I reported an issue with pops/clicks on the Digitakt’s record buffer whenever the inputs are selected. Doesn’t matter if any cables are plugged in, so it’s not related to Sync as far as I can tell. I tried different power, cables, etc. I have stopped short of switching different MIDI settings on/off, etc.

First observed on 1.05, but continues on 1.07 with new projects and old ones. Elektron ticket #21520

Short video of the issue:
With cables plugged in: https://photos.app.goo.gl/BVqnllqmajrv6Kkq2
No cables plugged in: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8U1tYSSXn7kFaEGK2

The main problem is that if you’re recording and get one of these pops, the pop is so loud that the auto normalizing will lower whatever you sampled to an inaudible level. So you basically have to discard and start over.


Yeah, plus even with the hashtag system, most of my samples are, well, sampled directly via the inputs and exist only in the +drive… So, no copy elsewhere to reload.

Not that I really care, mind you, I’m more a “Record a track, then delete everything after” type of guy. But, still…


Here with OS 1.07 in the sound browser: FUNC + YES plays factory sounds as well as own sounds ! So I don’t see a bug here.
Maybe others can clear this up.


Oh boy… I forgot that there’s a bug where when you lock a parameter on 1 trig it stays that way for every other trig… I actually was still on 1.04 because this would destroy half my live set as I use parameter locks a lot. locking the same parameter on every other trig is a no go for one of the things I use the locks for.

I made a ticket. Really hope they fix this soon as it’s kind of a major problem. A little bit surprised this wasn’t fixed in 1.07 as it was already reported in 1.06. Also a bit surprised that there’s not a lot of people reporting this? It makes no sense that a locked parameter overrides every trig that hasn’t locked on that parameter.


OK, specifically:

  • load a kick on track 1 and program a 4/4 beat
  • now lock the filter frequency on the last kick and set it to 64 or something audible
  • now program a trigless lock at trig 15.

Every kick will now have the filter freq at 64 …


Yeah this happens to me on 1.06 too.


Hey Dave, this has been a bug thats been preventing my from buying the DT. I’m curious if this happens when recording automation on empty trigs, since they become trigless trigs, or just when you manually enter a trigless trig? Thanks


yea same here. see my earlier post in this thread. i sent that vid via support ticket, bug was confirmed last week.


Reported this as a bug back in 1.06.
Support helped me find the quickest possible workaround for the bug.
Simply parameter lock the trigless trig itself. That basically means paramater locking any paramater of the trigless trig that has a p-lock (variation) in any of the other trigs. I just paramater lock all parameters of the trigless trig when I initially punch it in and carry on with my day.
Works for me, hope this helps :slight_smile:


Midi loop/midi though appearance.

Before I had midi set up: DT to Keystep and Keystep to DT (simple loop), this was to send clock to Keysteps sequencer, play DT with Keystep´s keyboard and route DT´s midi LFOs back to it self. Using auto channel for this. Now after upgrading into 1.07 there is the infamous midi loop thingy happening.

Somehow the midi out have turned into midi through in 1.07.


Fix is to set all of the “Track channels” to off from midi channels menu.


I found couple visual bugs. Looks like regression due to changes in naming and sample browser screens. Nothing very serious, but tought I should point out:

  1. In naming screen if you clear name and instantly open keyboard again keyboard covers message in some weird way:

  2. While in sample browser go to see RAM sample list. Bottom line is always empty and not showing samples. I guess this is due to new functionality of showing folder path above in sample browser (which is nice)


You have to be on an audio-track to preview sounds. If your current track is one on the A-H, it will not preview.


I messed around with some amen breaks, last night. Put 1 trig on every 8th note and then put a random LFO on the sample start to get some variation.

Saved the project (multiple times)

Then I tweaked some parameters, e.g. the amp enveloppe.

When I reloaded the original pattern via FUNC + NO, the sample start was at the beginning of the sample, on every trig.

I noticed some more strange behaviour of the LFO. Other users experiencing similar problems with reloading patterns or LFO-behaviour?


When setting LFO to control Start, the LFO isn’t oscillating back and forth between Start and Len parameters, but starting from the beginning of the sample instead. I’m new to Digitakt so wasn’t sure if this is desired behaviour or a bug, but it seems wrong to me.


Crashed again and has not recovered in 30 minutes.
Worst crash ever happened to me w Digitakt.
I thought you guys got rid of this bug with the 1.05 update?


UPDATE: turns out to be hardware issue - faulty PSU to blame.


Another one visual. Sometimes getting these nice symbols on path line. Can’t reproduce exact scenario:


Yeap…you are correct! it works…but not with sounds saved before 1.7 .so i guess thats not a bug anymore