Digitakt 1.04 : Bug reports


No idea if this is a bug or just my machine but my Digitakt will not output midi to external devices on midi tracks D E F G or H.

I have the midi out from the Digitakt going into a Midisolutions M8

A B and C are working fine.
iit outputs midi clock and slaves Rytm ok.

Anybody know what might be happening?


More than 45 days of waiting for 1.05! I wish we could have the midi bugs fixed by now!


another week passed by and no information or update available for the DT...

At least some words from the company describing a roadmap or so would be nice...

They took my money and now they could deliver a bugfree machine...

that would be nice...




would indeed, anxiously waiting


They were on holidays July and August, and probably focused on getting the Mk2 gear out. You might be waiting a bit longer.


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Thanks for the reply. No not muted :slight_smile:

I have an Arturia Keystep connected to the Digitakt and I'm using auto channel to pass the Keystep midi through to 8 synth modules connected to the Digitakt via a the Midisolutions M8.

When I select Midi A B or C on the Digitakt the midi passes from the Keystep to the corresponding module just fine. D to H nothing - and yes the modules are set to receive on the correct channels.


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I haven't actually got to the stage where I have any data on any midi tracks. I'm just trying to send midi from the Arturia Keystep to the modules using the Digitakt as a hub.

Using auto channel I want to be able to select Midi A-H on the Digitakt and have midi sent out to the corresponding midi channel. This works on Midi tracks A B and C but not D to H.


Haven't read through everything on this so I apologize if it has already been mentioned, but I've encountered a bug where you can't preview samples, at least in the record buffer, maybe the other sample pages too, when the current track you're in is a midi track. Switching to an audio track allows previewing again.

Also, maybe not a bug but rather a remnant from the Rytm's retrig menu, the option to turn the Retrig on or off simply says Retrig, as in the Retrig button on the AR, when it's actually the A knob which controls this. Now that I've found this I got it, but it's pretty confusing since it doesn't label what actually controls this parameter.


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Gah! That was it! somehow I missed that. I don't even remember enabling the output channels on A B and C but I must have done it a while ago and forgot I did it.

Thank you so much! :blush:


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my function button i believe is getting stuck os wise. not the physical button but the fucntion action itself.

  1. I was saving the sounds from a pattern, press funct+pattern button for import export
  2. use func+arrow buttons to input name and save sound.
  3. do this 8 times.
  4. press the pattern button without func pressed to change name of pattern and the import/export sound menu comes up as if the func button is pressed.
  5. fixed by powering off and on machine.

Its happened twice, once randomly and once when trying to recreate.


I noticed when the machine is playing one pattrn(with loops, samples, feel in, effects...etc):
Some slowing of reading flow Is the machine too much solicited?
Does this fix it with the updates?


It would be great if Digitakt remembers mute mode after restart. So far it always returns to Global mutes, so you need to activate Per-pattern mutes manually after each power on


Check about the Clear pattern fonction,it will resolve your problem


Not sure what you mean. How is Clear pattern function related to Mute Mode?


He doesn't know what he's talking about. That issue annoys me as well. I want to have pattern mute mode on all the time but I have to switch to it every time I power up the unit.


Anyone experienced problems sending Aftertouh data over Midi? It seems to work on one midi track but won't work on another one.. :frowning: