Digitakt 1.04 : Bug reports

Still not fixed in 1.04:

  1. When the Digitakt is in pattern BPM mode and you nudge the tempo via < and >, it jumps to the previously set global BPM value instead of using the pattern BPM as a reference for nudging (i.e. when accidentally pressing the < or > keys you sometimes have extreme tempo changes).
  2. Quick pattern copy/paste/clear (described in the manual as “After a pattern is selected, and before releasing any key, [RECORD], [PLAY] and [STOP] can be pressed to copy, clear or paste patterns without leaving the active pattern. It is possible to clear and paste multiple patterns at the same time.”)

If it isn’t in the change log then it hasn’t been addressed.


The patten quick copy/paste/clear passage mentioned here is removed from the manual for now.

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But it is planned to be implemented?


Please fix in 1.05: When changing track length while the sequencer is running, the track goes out of sync.

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Man I sure hope so. I’m really 50/50 right now in if I should return this thing…I should be gigging with it by now but these horrible bugs make it unworthy. Like accidentally nudging the > or < button is a set ending catastrophic disaster, it should be a barely noticeable tempo bump, but instead sends your set into a crashing landing back at 120bpm.


Still get freezes when sending midi to self. MIDI H->Track X. It happen when I press stop. Not always though.

extra details might be good , as ive been tweaking length and had not problems of sync.

internal track ? midi track ? changing from 16 to 32 to 48 or 16 to 7 ? .
is it slightly out of sync or a particular amount of steps.

to be honest, when i was changing things initially i thought there were problems but i didnt understanding how to also change pattern master length , so it seemed that an unusual track length was a little odd. but it was user error .

Set m length to infinite, and ch length to 16. Then change track length to 5 for example, then change it to 8 or 16. Do this before the sequence is at 1. Now the track won’t start on the 1 as the other tracks.

Hope I explained it well enough :slight_smile:


yup , it goes a bit weird.
could be handy , but probably not as designed.

i think any relevant info on bugs is always handy , if it helps people to reproduce it , add the info.
then if they fix it , they know how to check with a repeatable way .

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In the SRC screen, the play-bar that runs across the waveforms, tends to run infinitely for Trigger #7 without any sound output. If I hit Trig#7, it plays normally, but the bar will continue running from left to right. When I set Play to reverse, it ceases, but when set to forward, the bar runs freely again.

Freezing. Randomly stops playing samples. Ran Test mode reported no errors. However when I pressed the Kick & Snare buttons while in test mode I get a yellow and black screen. Is this something an OS update will solve?

Mine does the same thing in test mode

Random freeze while using audio and midi. Couldnt reproduce the error =(
So underwhelmed by the lack of stability :triumph:

Report to support. Almost all reported freezes using MIDI has been MIDI feedback. Check that you don’t have a MIDI loop.


This is most likley MIDI feedback.

It seems I only get this freeze when I double tap stop. It doesn’t freeze when I single tap.

it’s due to midi cc 120 being sent and received in an endless loop:


Aha. Thanks. Nice to know the reason as to why this happens. I noticed that I can get out of this loop by flipping the «Input From» to disabled and back to midi (Port Config). No need to reboot.