Different kit in different bank


Hi, quick noob question:
I want to have Kit 1 in bank A, Kit 2 in bank B etc….
Everytime when I switch to new bank & want to load new kit, kit chnges in all banks & I don’t want that :confused:
Thanks !


anyone ?


Unfortunately, I don’t have analog Rytm yet, but I have Analog Four (A4). I hope they have similar architecture.
In A4 kit is always assigned to pattern. And when you change your current pattern (let it be Pattern 1) to new one (Pattern 2), you have to manually assign new kit to it. Else you will have the same kit assigned to Pattern 1.

For example:

  1. Once you create new empty project you will have the following:
    > Pattern 1 <=> Kit 1 – your active pattern, Kit 1 is assigned by default;
    Pattern 2 <=> Kit 1
    Pattern 3 <=> Kit 1

As you can see, Kit 1 is assigned to all patterns from every bank.

  1. After that you change pattern to Pattern 2:
    Pattern 1 <=> Kit 1
    > Pattern 2 <=> Kit 1 – pattern was changed but Kit 1 is still assigned
    Pattern 3 <=> Kit 1

  2. Thus, when you change sound settings of Patterns 2 you automatically affect Pattern 1 and all other patterns with Kit 1 assigned because Kits contain all information about sound engine settings of the device:
    Pattern 1 <=> Kit 1*
    > Pattern 2 <=> Kit 1* – your changes affect all patterns
    Pattern 3 <=> Kit 1*

It’s a good idea to use “New Pattern – New Kit” approach at the beginning of learning elektron machines: just assign new kit to new empty pattern:
Pattern 1 <=> Kit 1
> Pattern 2 <=> Kit 2 – now you can safely make any changes
Pattern 3 <=> Kit 3

If you want to reuse sounds from previous pattern – open kit’s browser, copy old kit to new kit slot and assign new kit slot to new pattern.
Pattern 1 <=> Kit 1
> Pattern 2 <=> Copy of Kit 1 – now you have same sounds on Kit 2 as in Kit 1, but now you can safely make any changes
Pattern 3 <=> Kit 3

I hope this will help. :slight_smile:


I think I did it in differend way, but I can’t remember how exactly :confused: still not finish my RTFM :slight_smile: but anyway THANKS !!!


You are welcome! )


just change the set in the bank.


I have the same question, anyone got a solution ? I want to use different sounds in different patterns, but when i change a track’s sound, all patterns are affected.


Disco, the answer is described above, you need to save kit per pattern.