Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


I was going to be in Plymouth this weekend for Cultural Vibes reunion at Hanging Gardens - parental duties tho :confused:


Not checked out Hanging Gardens yet, decent line up of events. Parental duties take precedence.


I’ll be there at some point - one of the guys that run the place was the promoter for the Warehouse cultural vibes raves 25 years back. Seems to be attracting the older punters back into the clubs - no bad thing - even got the dome going as a dine dance thing.




Eatsatic and Sys 7 still doing the rounds…


More Barry


Merry Christmas ya bunch of magnificent bastards!



Liked the sound of it… Loved the can…
Not my bag though… just glad I didn’t do anything daft like buckle from my Dry January pledge for it!
Good times for N-n-n-N '19 y’all!



I take it you have seen Android Jones performances?


No, I heard him interviewed on a podcast and then looked up his art.
Would love to though…


Happy Friday.


Happy Friday.


That’s my favourite Drygate beer!


Man I’m feeling so freaking “british” on the forum these days… :rofl:

Time to hit the taps and get crossfaded! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::monkey::notes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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Do Scottish and Welsh people get offended if you call them British? I know that they’re part of Great Britain but is it only the English that should be referred to as British?


That’s a little to on topic for a thread so off topic you can’t be sure if the topic is on or off… :smile:
Mods might come in if we get to on topic even, it’s weird like that this one…
While your here, have a beer!


As an Australian i just see beer and hit like :heart_eyes: