Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


Or Cornwall


There was a few weeks of Art installations in Plymouth including this film and prints from Carl Slater at the Warehouse and in the main room an installation by Ryoji Ikeda.



Wasp Factory Warehouse 1992


Used to travel up from Cornwall. Late 80’s and early 90’s.

There were quite a few events going on in Cornwall also: at the Shirehorse (St Ives then on to Phase 2), Bowie (Crantock), The Barn (Penzance), Tall Trees (Newquay)… but Plymouth was usually worth travelling the extra distance.

Moved to London in ‘93 and got to go clubbing twice a week, rather than twice a month and could get a bus/taxi home. No more bragging lifts in dodgy cars with no MOT/road tax… or walking for hours trying to hitch a lift in a country lane in the middle of nowhere.


Totally missed that… would love to have seen it!


The 2am licence was a blessing. Everyone would meet up at the toysrus car park to find out where the party was at then typically the dj’s from the club would rock up at the house and take us into Sunday. :slightly_smiling_face:
Great Times.
Never made it into Cornwall, but the Shirehorse and Bowgie were always talked about.


Yeah, 2am made a big difference :slight_smile:

Yeah remember meeting up in Toysrus car park… that part of Plymouth was a real wasteland in the 80’s, began being redeveloped around that era.

Sounds like you were making quite a trip to get to plym, going the extra 80 miles to St Ives would have been a major undertaking…


I lived in Plymouth :slightly_smiling_face:

Just too lazy to go further


Ah, sorry crossed wires!


Product of Cornwall


Barry is da man


Wake me up when December ends…
Beervent Calendar arrived to take the edge off at least :+1:t3:


Hey this is still a thread!



‘Tis the season


Ha no way you just listed all my old haunts i used to travel up from Cornwall also, the warehouse was insane catched most of the Obsession nights bit more of techno line up.


@sinsyn was it around round the same time? If so, probably shared a dance floor… :sweat_smile::ok_man::tipping_hand_man::raising_hand_man:


1990-1995 yeah some place the Warehouse loved the multi level lay out helped create an insane buzz,sad to see it go same has happen with the Shire think thats being leveled soon if not already


Different rooms at Warehouse (and Tall Trees) kept the venues moving that’s for sure. Remember coaches from all over queuing up to drop clubber’s off right outside. Unimaginable now how popular Union Street was as a destination.

Everything changes, loads of clubs across the country have disappeared, gentrification mostly to blame, no one wants a sweat box near their investment! Although Union Street suffers due to no investment.

After moving around the UK, settled in Plymouth and work near Union Street, occasionally experience flashbacks when I go past…