Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D



A beer I had for the 1st time this past weekend. A cloud in the evening sky and bunch of Eastern Black Swallowtails (papilio polyxenes) wiping out some of my herbs. :wink:


Yes I can hear you Clem Fandango


The EU is not europe btw.Its just a big company in europe " ]


I’ll toast to that!




where was that?


same here


A short graphic novel for your enjoyment.


Did anyone watch the latest season of Bojack Horseman? How is a cartoon about a dumb horse somehow the realest and most depressing show on television?


Here is some Dublin love :slight_smile:

And when the thirst is hitting hard, a pint at The Church !




Jolly Boy John Is FOR REAL!


Synth ID anyone?


@Anfim Roland SH5.



No Phones



< bitterness >
I met Matt Berry at Borough Market one evening. Just wanted to, politely, say hello and that I loved his work, but at first he blanked me then totally brushed me off.
Really soured my opinion of him. Reynholm Jr. was the pinnacle of his career - the VO in 'Disenchantment ’ wasn’t bad. In either case, doubt he wrote the roles.
</ bitterness >

Just flashing lights :wink: Gah.


The story behind this is an Art installation - just ended in the old Gaumont Theatre - Union Street - Plymouth. In the 90’s this was known as the Warehouse, and it was home to 2000+ ravers every Friday and Saturday Night solid - Cultural Vibes - Revelation - etc etc. Proper heads down sweaty business - students, marines , travellers - everyone - no aggro.

God TV bought a 25 year lease on the building to turn the venue into an evangelical media node - gutted the place ran out of funding left derelict by the “owners” who dropped the project due to a crisis in their faith and lack of funding.

The film is original vhs footage from the Warehouse in its full rave mode, with mixed soundtracks switching between hymns and Rave.

I guess the message is something to do with worship in its various guises.


Used to travel up to Plymouth in the 90’s for a night out on Union Street, Warehouse was a favourite. Great times, good memories.

Heard that an archive of film footage was being edited, that was a couple of years ago.

Didn’t realise it had gone ahead and I’d missed it…


I did cultural vibes every Saturday without fail.
Where did you travel from?

A few came from Birmingham each week.
Quite a few from Bristol and Bournemouth

All the B’s it seems :slightly_smiling_face: