Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


It’s getting there… Between now and about 8 to 10 hours from now it gets quieter. I stay up up super late and I can totally notice a bunch of the regulars start posting again between like midinite and 2:00AM and it’s their morning. Often I’m up till like 3 to 5:00AM and start talking with the morning crew into their afternoon…

Believe it or not I do many other things in a day besides Elektronauts, but it’s just always open on my IPad and I check it every so often throughout the day… :rofl:


C’est l’heure




As an American, this cracked me up. London’s bad neighborhoods look like our good ones here in the US :slight_smile: And our bad neighborhoods look like bombed out cities (Google image search places like Camden, North Philly, East New York, Detroit, Baltimore, East St. Louis).


Having lived in half of those listed, its safe to say that most areas have places that you probably want to steer clear of in the small hours.

Coldharbour Lane would properly freak me out after a night at Plan B and walking from London Bridge to Peckham via a Graf Squat on Old Kent Road at 4am was particularly edgy.

10 yrs in London - never saw any real trouble - apart from when the kids went feral back in 2011


Ahhh, California… Can’t beat a few days of soaking when your life is seemingly falling apart…
Puts things back in order nicely, cleanse your inner mirror, allow beauty to reflect on the outside…
Beats trying to make things happen in the material level by far, much easier too!

This is why I didn’t post for days… If anybody’s annoyed at how much I post, send me money, I’ll go back… :rofl:






Had an amazing chat with 8 year old Edan for like three hours this morning, he was so cool…
He had a Lego Skeleton DJ he called Skelly…




Oh man, I had the same thought. Where are all the burnt up cars? What about the 1000s of used syringes clogging the gutters?


In Detroit the night before Haloween is called devil’s night, people set fires to buildings and cars and shit…


To lighten things back up,
Everybody deserves some kind of credit… :rofl:


I have no idea what this thread is about and I’m not even going to try to understand.
However, I do have a question for all British/English (WTF is the difference?) / European people.

As an American, I always see shows and movies with medieval castles and European landscapes and think they are really cool. Like, I wish I lived in a castle. It just seems awesome for some reason. We don’t really have anything like that here.

So my question is, how do you guys view those things? Do European people think castles (generally of the medieval type) are cool, or are they just “old” ?


This thread is about nothing, which is apparently something.
See here:

It’s also an Electronic bar and social place… :joy:


Ahh the days when TV shows were more innocent and had genuine humor


We think they are fkin awesome

Here’s Edinburgh Castle - fully staffed, home to 2 infantry battalions and host to many public events - and slap bang in the centre of the city. The One O’clock gun is fired every day.



That is sweet and makes me even more jealous


My friend just sen me a picture of a crystal castle just a few hours ago, this is what she said…


Comedy reading