Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


That’s why the peasants outside the castles would drink the waste.
Pissed up





The only issue with this is that you did not wait until it was post number 808.


I can’t even see the post numbers on my mobile - but fair point - hope it wasn’t like 807 or something …



My Education :slightly_smiling_face:
Essence - Plymouth 1992


Looks like a solid night out - high proportion of bucket hats is a good indicator.


Stunted by a 2.00am license.

Remedied by great house parties, usually with the guest dj’s that would stay overnight - Plymouth being too far away to just drive back home.

Purple Suede Kickers


UFO Club in Wiltshire on the Longleat Estate. 2AM finish - Free Parties after/ house parties, decks in bedroom etc. Epic Boxing Days parties.
I kind of miss the early closing- going to another party days…



This reflects my sentiments.



I’d hate to ruin this thread with a serious comment, but I’ve never mentioned that from California time it does get pretty quite around here from the afternoon until midnight or later. Every day…
It does seem like the majority of users are in Europe… Or at least a lot more than the States, it seems…
OK, better get off topic again… :joy:





Strangely it seems 80’s science fiction prophesied about us… Klub Elektron? Purple horned Unicorn? :thinking:
This makes my day…


This deserves my first ever selfie!


At that point in the night I usually recommend a full face mask or helmet… :joy:
Blast goggles at least…


Struth! That was quick!!!
Is this the quiet afternoon period you alluded to elsewhere?