Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


I haven’t heard an Orb song I haven’t liked. I wore down my old cassettes of Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld back in the day. I didn’t get a chance to see them live until about 2008 though - a very long wait!


That year at Glastonbury we were spoilt rotten.
On the Saturday night we had 808 state followed by primal scream followed by the orb - you then met up back at the tent around an actual fire and got suitably refreshed for a bit of dance at the Joe Bananas Shop then spent till sunrise at the DiY rave that was going on outside the gates :slightly_smiling_face: happy happy days





This thread needs some ointment


Ah Glastonbury…
My first experience of it was as a fresh faced 16 year old. I had no idea what Glastonbury was but I read in Blues & Soul that Trouble Funk were playing so I persuaded my mum to let me go. Luckily , she had no idea what it was either. The ticket was about 18 quid and I got it from Andy’s Records in Lowestoft. The train took nearly 10 hours to get there as there were two lots of engineering work and replacement buses.
When I got there, my poor impressionable mind was well and truly blown and quite frankly changed forever!!
I saw Courtney Pine, Taj Mahal, The Woodentops ( who were fuckin’ ace! Proper proto-raving) and Gaye Bykers on Acid… speaking of which, I wish I had a camera back then. There was a tiny caravan, with a properly written up menu outside of about a dozen variants of acid, with a little blurb about the type of trip you were going go on. I had a microdot.
Oh Lordy Lordy… it kind of set me of a path that there’s no turning back from.
I spent a lot of time in a place called The Eperimental Sound field, again, early proto-raving, which was the precise moment I knew I wanted to make odd noises.
A seriously enduring memory was seeing an 8ft trench with like a school gymnasium bench and loads of blokes shitting off it. It may have been the acid or some scatological art installation, who knows. All I know is it’s an image that is still as clear today as it was 30 years ago!


Ah Lowestoft!

Spent 6 years of my life in Framingham as it happens.

I used to buy my records at Andy’s in Ipswich, also at out of time second hand and then at Phunk chunk and Red Eye when they started.

Glastonbury and dots (purple)- a common theme.

There used to be mixed showers in the green fields.

No one had mobile phones and yet you always managed to reunite with people.

Cashing cheques at stalls to buy more grass.

Tanks of NOS at the stone circle

Swapping entry bracelets under the fence

Lysergic penguins



France Today



St Bernadus in a 750 ml

Crazy People








I prefer this room!






A wee dram of Lagavulin in my glass of good grief!
Merry Boxing Day me hearties!