Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


I don’t know how on this planet you found that but I see it and I’ll raise you my man, this…

If this doesn’t get ‘modulated’ (thanx @Open_Mike I still laugh about that quip!) I’d be surprised and happy!

Anyone for cake? :cake:

Every time I see an ad for Ministry Of Sound or Now That’s What I call Music this pops in my head!
(@Open_Mike liked pre-edit!)


because only rich europeans can afford elektron gear prices :frowning:


Le’ Oveurtime’





This thread is EPIC!


Had a few nights out with old Joel some years ago… properly funny.
Our splendid mods know our intentions are strictly honourable and our ability to self police is strong.
Away put their weapons… we mean them no harm.


Windy Miller you chuffin’ potty mouth!


Ex b3tan.



Let’s all schnuggle up by @Open_Mike’s fiya and enjoy Devvo’s Christmas Special shall wAi?


Yeah, leave your troubles at the door, we all just be ChinChillin up in here… :beers:


Ooh, you charming man you!


Let’s also say a special thank you to @umonox who inadvertently gave birth to this little glittering monster of a thread way back in April!


Just wanna say, aside from all the confusion/misdirection etc going on here, I love all you Elektron muddafuckas!!! Yea we all have our differences, but ironing them out and just the fact this never gets into true troll flame war status is great (of course I haven’t read the Other Thread



Can’t we all just hit a bong? :joy:


I’m down with that! lolol


God bless us! Everyone!


I love the Elektronauts, all of them. Seriously, I do! It’s not that hard even. It’s not the same as being “in love”, and not the same kind of love one would have for family and very close friends, there’s different levels and types of love, but it’s still love all the same.

When I think about anybody that has posted on this forum, my heart sends them love and wishes them health, happiness, and that things go well in their life and with their music, even if I think their rude and don’t agree with anything they’re saying. Those folks probably need more love.
Even if I had enemies I wouldn’t hate them, I would send them love and wish for them to get to a place of healing where we wouldn’t be enemies anymore…
If your reading this and thinking, God not this guy again, just know I love you too, and deep down I think you know you’d be happier if you let the love flow!

Even the most hard ass gangsters want to love and be loved, they only let a few people know though, and not that often.

I highly advise dropping the walls around ones heart, and love yourself too! Don’t worry about what anybody thinks of you, as long as you know your acting out of love. The more people do this, the more it spreads. So many times do people trap themselves and want to be free, but they are so nervous to be free and do what they would like in front of other people because it might not be “cool” or whatever. This is a trap that’s been perpetuating itself. All it takes is one or two folks to be free and act out with love, and one of the “cool” people to agree it looks fun, and then the rest join in…
Really the rest wanted to do it all along, but they were trapping themselves.

Break the paradigm! Act out of love in front of your friends that are nervous to do it. Be the first one on the dance floor and dance your heart out like nobodies watching, you’ll see others will join you and start having lots of fun! Don’t wait around, act out of love and encourage others to do so, in the end everyone will be more happy for it, and sooner or later it will be “cool” to act on your own accord and be free with yourself in this beautiful opportunity we have in being alive!


I have just been given a verbal warning for dancing around the office naked and giving gentle hugs - so yeah - thanks for the advice




Dancing naked in a public place?
Hugging people without consent?
Who advised such behaviors?

Love includes respecting boundaries.