Dfam sync with linear out and LFO

Hey ya’ll

So ive looking at this article https://www.google.com/amp/s/ticticelectro.com/2017/05/14/analogfourcv/amp/

Particularly the part about controlling tempo with LFO interests me.

Ive got it working kind of, but its not working like i thought it would.

Ive got the A4 cva set to lin into the clock/adv. Set up a square wave LFO to control cva. With LFO speed set to eight and mode set to trg its seems right, though the dfam is now free running and not reacting to start/stop.

To end with what should have been the beginning - i would like to sync to start/stop, and control tempo via LFO so that i can plock it to double on certain trigs and so on…

Is there anybody out there that can make me feel a little less stupid?

Found it here! Trick for ratcheting CV/Gate

Woof, im seriously late to this party🏆

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