DFAM mind melting thread

Made a video, because lockdown is fucking boring.

If you’re photosensitive, don’t look at it.


Cool! What software did you use? I’m interested in making some videos myself. Searching the net is hopeless these days.

It’s a really shitty freeware app on my phone called Action Director. The whole process is really long and labourious, I’m sure there’s software out there that does a better job but I’ve kinda got used to how the app works and it’s a pretty good form of meditation spending hours cutting up, reassembling and fucking about with little clips.
Anyway, the android link is here.

If you have an iPhone I can’t really help. From what I gather from everyone that has an iPhone, it already has enough video editing capabilities to make George Lucas admit he was wrong and put Star Wars back how he found it.

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Thanks mate I will check that out. I have an android phone. All I want is to sync up a recording to some footage. And yeah, maybe over lay some quick fire stills like in your vid.

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As long as it does star wars side ways wipes im in…

Haha I was about to say you’d like that vid :laughing:. You two should start a band called The Seizure Inducers or something.

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Mine is on order, and every GASser in this thread should be ashamed of themselves. :innocent:

Also, it’s coming with the 3 tier rack with the 60hp skiff + power to add to my Subharmonicon.



I hope it inspires me to do longer minimal/atonal setups.

Indeed! I like that you have an angle in mind. Same here. The only semi modular I’ve had is the 0coast, and it’s something new every time. So far, that’s mostly true with the SubH. The DFAM seems super exploratory. It’s been really nice getting out of my usual patterns lately.

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Just make sure you deposit any audio nuggets involving your shiny new DFAM here so we can drag more new blood into the cult.

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Current status, experimenting/writing a set for a live stream for a net label I had a release or two with.
DFAM as rhythm section.


The future is in good hands!!!

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Inspired by @Fin25’s absolute BANGER of a song, tried to up the tempo a little myself. Had half an hour to come up with something and this is what came out.


I really like the rhythm on that.

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Fine work there. Much enjoy.

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Thanks guys! The jam turned out quite nice but obviously there’s a lot to be done if I wanted to turn that into an actual song… Might try it even though that’s not my usual MO, ha!

I just can’t stress enough how much I love the immediacy of the DFAM. I’ve been thinking about getting a bass synth to pair with it. Erica Bassline and Pioneer AS-1 have been getting praise here at ’Nauts lately but I’m not sure either of those fits my number one criteria: immediacy. I’d also love to be able to dial in pitches the same way as in DFAM… Of course I can always record bass lines from DFAM into my OT, buy another DFAM or go modular but ideally would look at something else entirely. Any obvious choices I’m overlooking?

I’ve just got the Erica Bassline so am clearly in honeymoon mode but I’m finding it very immediate, although you can’t dial in pitches in the way you can with the DFAM, in fact, control over the oscillator pitch is very limited on the Erica.
Another option would be the Korg Monologue. It’s pretty much knob per function, has a surprisingly decent sequencer and it’ll do microtonal stuff too. It sounds really good and it’s one of a few things I regret selling. It’s also very cheap.

The Erica does have microtonal possibilities and you can control the master tune, I just don’t think either of those things are as simple and intuitive as they are on other synths, at least for the way my brain works.


Yeah, I think sonically there are quite a few options that could get me what I want and I have a lot of pedals etc. to tweak the sound further, so it comes down to the UI, size (can’t fit an ordinary Monologue in my setup, for example) and microtonal/unquantized capabilities. Also, price. That Erica Bassline is hot though… (Only now realised it’s got the Polivoks filter which I really like and was already considering a Mutable Shruthi Polivoks.)

The very affordable SQ-1 sequencer might fit, as it has unquantized mode. Couple that with a synth that has a cv in for pitch… Still a lot of options but I’m only spitballing here.

The Bassline has a pretty impressive power to size ratio and the filter is very nice. I’ve spent the afternoon looking into custom scales on it and it’s fairly simple to set up microtonal scales, but nothing like the simplicity of tuning the DFAM or Lyra 8. The shuffle on the sequencer is pretty good, certainly loosens it up and the sequencer and LFO work really well together the keep things bouncing along and moving but it definitely feels quantised, both in terms of time and pitch. The quickest and easiest way out of more musical tones is the FM, which sends it into batshit territory very quickly. It’s nice because it’s a different kind of batshit to FM on the DFAM, so they don’t clash too much sonically when things get wild.

Might be worth a look at the DSI Mopho or tetr4 module if size is a concern, a lot of power in a very small package but it’s not the easiest from a programming perspective and the filter is a bit marmite.


Not really, just let it roll for a bit longer. Unless by ‘song’ you mean with lyrics and such.

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