Dfam + Beatstep


I am looking to going in depth with the dfam. Considering a beatstep pro to go with it, because i think i will be able to create performative variations and unhinge the sequencer a bit. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with this combination and could tell me what Id typically be able to achieve. Ive no real rack experience so CV is a bit new to me. I should mention that i own an A4mk1…but that will only give me start/stop/tempo control…or am i wrong? Best to all.


Anything that sends a 5v/oct pulse can trigger the DFAM. I use roland TR8-S trig out or even my octatrack ( recorded the DFAM trig out and then play it back and send it to DFAM trig in.)
If A4 sends cv it should work. Sending a pulse to advance in or trigger in gives different results.
Have fun!


you’re wrong :slight_smile:
it gives you 4 cv outputs that you can use for pitch, gates, envelopes,or lfo’s
You can parameter lock cv offsets
It should be much more powerful than the beatstep pro I reckon


You only need an A4 to sequence the DFAM; that’s what I use. You can use the CV track to send triggers to the ADV/CLOCK input on the DFAM. So you can send 1/16th note triggers for a straight beat that uses the DFAM’s sequencer in time with eth A4, but you can also send irregular beat patterns from the A4. You can also then p-lock other values per step (eg adjusting filter mod etc)

Ah, @Unifono beat me to it.


Ah, theres a CV track off course, «you really have not come very far in your research monsieur». Thanks people, very glad to be wrong!


Thanks again nauts! I figured it out and rediscovered my A4, what a machine!